Women Empowerment In Our Society

Women Empowerment In Our Society

The topic women empowerment is a burning issue all over the world. “Women empowerment” and Gender inequality” is a universal issue.

Women empowerment refers to the creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society.

Women empowerment also means equal status to women.

It provides greater access to the knowledge and resources plus their freedom from the shackles imposed on them by custom, belief and practice.

Women empowerment abolishes all gender base discrimination in all institutions and structures of society.

It ensures participation of women in policy and decision-making process at domestic and public levels.

Women empowerment makes women more powerful to face challenges of life to overcome disabilities, handicaps, incapability’s and inequalities.

It also enables women to realise their identity and power in all spheres of life. It challenges traditional power equations and relations. Women empowerment occurs within sociological psychological, political, cultural, familial and economic spheres of life.

And at various levels such as individuals, a group of individuals and community.

Women empowerment is an ongoing dynamic process which enhances women’s ability to change the social structure and ideologies that keep them subordinate from the society.

Women population constitutes almost 50% of our country population. A large number of our women are unemployed.

The economy suffers a lot because of the unequal opportunity of our women at a workplace. The main advantage of women empowerment in our area is that there will be an overall development of our society.

The money that women earn does not only help them or their family but it also helps in the development of our society as a whole.

Women empowerment in our society will immensely decrease domestic violence. The uneducated women are at higher risk of domestic violence than the educated ones.

Women empowerment is also advantageous in a case of corruption. Women empowerment in our society will safeguard our rights and duties in our society.

It will also reduce poverty. Sometimes the money income of our male members is insufficient to meet the daily demands of the family. In most cases, the added income of women helps overcome poverty.

In the process of empowerment, women should evaluate their strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats and move forward to unfold their own potential to achieve their goals through self- development.

Women Empowerment In Our Society is contributed by Martin Bede Lahna

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