water in lungs|Pleural effusion

water in the lung

Pleural effusion is a medical term in which fluid accumulates in the lung or water in lungs. Pleural effusion can be classified as transudate and exudate depending upon the nature of the fluid and the causes of its entry into the pleural space.

Transudate pleural effusions are mostly caused by congestive heart failure (when the heart is unable to pump sufficient amount of blood flow to maintain the body requires) This  is usually caused when there is high blood pressure in the blood vessels or low blood protein count.

Exudate pleural effusion is mostly caused by pneumonia, viral infection, lung cancer, breast cancer.

A Small amount of fluid may not require a treatment. However, the excess of fluid can cause a trouble in breathing by limiting the expansion of the lungs.

Symptoms of pleural effusion

Dry cough

Trouble of breathing

Shortness of breath

Chest pain and feeling of heaviness or tightness

Pain in neck and shoulder

Pleural effusion treatment

The treatment is required if it is causing a chest pressure and shortness of breath. By removing the fluid, it will help the lung to expand larger and breath it a lot easier. The treatment is usually done by thoracentesis where a tube is inserted into the pleural space and the excess fluid is drained out from the lung.  And after thoracentesis, it is usually followed by pleurodesis, this procedure is done to prevent from recurring of fluids in the lung, where an irritant drug is  inserted into a space between your lung and chest wall to adhere them together. This drug is usually inserted through the tube that you already have, in your earlier procedure (Thoracentesis).

Home Remedy

  • During extreme pain use warm water to lessen the pain, it relief from breathing
  • Organic tulsi also helps in lessening the cough and cold

Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet. Consuming high sodium may increase the fluid in your lung as a high-sodium diet increases the blood pressure and stroke. Choose the food product with less than 100 mg of sodium per serving.

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