Toned In Ten By Erin Nielsen Review

Toned In Ten

Toned in ten is a fitness program that goes beyond reshaping your body to defying an aging process, developed by Erin Nielsen.

The secret strategies of this program are supported by science evidence and intensive personal experiments on the subject. Key techniques employed in this system are ‘no time’ and ‘no money’ consuming.

Multiple exercises are demonstrated with video’s and pictures, showing the exact movement of the exercise which gives viewers a real time experience of how the exercise is performed.  

The program comes with 4 additional bonuses that guide you with precise and detailed instructions on how and why to go about with this system to give you the desired and successful results.

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About the author

Erin Nielsen
Erin Nielsen is a physical therapist, fat loss, and anti-aging specialist.  She is also a Pilates instructor and a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.  

Nielsen herself who is 42 but looks 20’s is the living proof of Toned in ten

She has been a physical therapist for about 18 years now.

She has created and helped many people of variant health condition by introducing them to comprehensive and customaries rehabilitative and fitness exercise programs. 

The author of toned in ten, Nielsen says that her expertise exercise comes from many areas of her life.

The program was brought about as a result of personal and professional experiments and researches over the past two decades and found to be most efficient.

Preview of Toned In Ten

Nielsen begins by hinting at the deceit of the ideal of conventional methods of weight-loss.  

She says, the reason for not being able to lose weight in spite of your earnest effort is because you have been given the wrong recommendation for diets and exercise and it’s not your fault.

The program highlights that traditional workout system increases the risk of multiple injuries and joint pain.

Nielsen specifically points the demerits of long Cardio workouts which many people resort to.

Some detriments that Cardio workout can cause you are-

block fat loss block fat loss and makes you fatter, hurts joints and stimulates quick aging.  

Nielson’s program was developed as the solution to nagging fat belly, frustration, and embarrassment because of fat, limited dress choice, low sex drive, and aging look.

Nielsen explains how she resorted to different types of fat loss and fad diets desperately, trying to lose weight without even  coming closer to the desired result, until she tried her hands on sprinters workouts.

After she started on sprint workouts and incorporating in her daily routine, that’s when she sees the changes in her body and her skin like never before.  

The secret to a successful weight-loss for a youthful lean and fit body that she reveals is smart exercise.  Her secret burst workout is called toned in ten

She writes the exercises secret to look younger and melt fat from your belly, hips, and thigh is with short burst workouts and they can be done in only 10 minutes a day, without equipment. These short burst workouts help boost your metabolism to cause a body to burn fat after exercise and when you sleep”.

How do short burst workouts work?

Based on science Evidence, the secret of Nielsen’s Toned In Ten burst workouts lies in the after burn effect or what is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Nielsen explains that many people who eat and exercise simultaneously never seem to get a satisfactory result because of the hormonal imbalance that makes them fat and age faster.

  • Toned in ten’s workout works by stimulating to deliver one of the body hormones called HGH (Human Growth Hormones) and this hormone helps in quick and effective burning of fat and promotes lean muscle building. Increased HGH can also help slow down an aging process.
  • The workouts of this system are proved to burn 36% more calories and fat even while you are performing mundane activities. The workout stimulates maximum body response with a minimum amount of workouts.
  • The workouts do not cause excess oxidative and therefore do not cause premature aging and it boosts your metabolism to burn fats even while sleeping and it energize your body.
  • Toned In Ten’s intense exercise stimulates release of more adrenaline and it helps your body to release fat from fat cells to be used for energyToned in ten’s
  • Nielsen advocates that diet or what you eat is as important as exercise to lose weight. The system also includes a proper nutritional guide for a quick and effective result.

If you download Toned In Ten, you will be able to get accessed to  the four freebies which include:-

Bonus 1: Toned in Ten –Follow Along Workout Videos

Bonus2: Tone In Ten-Nutrition Guide

Bonus3: Toned In Ten-Youthful Secrets

Bonus4: Toned In Ten-Grocery Shopping Lists


  • This system can be done at home without equipment in a very short period of time with effective result.
  • The benefits of this system workout multi-dimensional. It is found to increase your energy level, slow aging process, improve memory and cardiovascular fitness and lose weight and reshape your body as desired.
  • The benefited results of this system are supported by proven and reliable citations or references.
  • The system was created based on scientific findings plus personal experiments and researches of several years.
  • The product is available with 100% cash back policy.


  • The effective result in just ten minutes workout a day could appear doubtful skeptic laymen like us.
  • The workouts demand sincere commitment, patience, and intense hard work.
  • The product is a digital available online and you can access to it in ebook through an internet connection.
  • The system does not promise 100% satisfactory result to every single user.

Should you buy this product?

There are countless numbers of health and fitness programs each claiming itself to be the best of all and promising best results and it’s really difficult to decide which one to opt for. 

No doubt, yet again Nielsen’s Toned in Ten claims the same thing! But what makes this system different from the other programs I have seen is, the program is supported with visual proof, the information provided in this system are supported by reliable references and citations which make it more genuine and convincing.

Besides the product is available with 100% cash back policy, which means you can refund your money in full within 60 days of product purchase if you find the result unsatisfactory. So, why not take a test-drive now, after all, you got nothing to lose in that.

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