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The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox

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If you are searching for a quick way to have a tight flat belly in just two weeks, you have come to the right place. 


The youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox program is created by Erin Nielsen,  42 y/o physical therapist, health coach, Fat Loss and Anti-Aging Specialist and the author of this product.

Have you ever thought that wrinkled skin and belly fat are some normal part of aging?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then it’s not what you think it is and you are not the only person who thought so because of about 87% of people believe that, but trust me with this Genetic Reset Secret you’ll look a lot younger and lose some inches of belly Fat in just  weeks (i.e, 14 days..  Amazing right? ). Genetic Reset Secret

Here is the thing, we have this “good genes and bad genes” in our DNA that we don’t really talk about. 

About these two strange genes, I will tell you how I dealt with it, I mean to say as in how these things can be easily turn on and turn off.

No wonder, I am also one of those skinny-obsessed persons because as far as I can remember the last time I step on a weight machine, I weighed maybe 72? Or was it 68?  But I am sure it’s in between. 

Yes, obviously struggling with all those weights lose potion, countless medicines, tips and creams to look younger isn’t new for me as for a lot of people too, it ain’t got any result at the end anyway.

So I thought I am probably suffering from a hidden chemical build up inside my body that seems to turn on my Bad genes and make me virtually impossible to lose weight and have a youthful body, yea… Buddy, I am 34.

 And every time I see this commercial on T. V finding those gorgeous ladies in their 40’s and late 30’s with that “body to die for” kinda physique I am like…

“I need to work out, I am starting right away after eating this.” And the next morning was another tragedy to realize I woke up at 8 to have my lunch. 

That decision I made yesterday was long forgotten in my dream, after all, I still survived to wake up. Like this, my Diet wanna – be basis gets cut off every day. 

The fattening of the body turning our bad genes gets worse once you reach 35, a point to know to get motivated.

I do count my diets which only result to worsen my condition from before. (No mirror for more than a week) a sad story to see another layer of fats arising from its sleep.

All these chemicals obsessions packs on belly fat and it rapidly accelerates aging and wrinkles. 

Useless diets do not actually work for women over 35, the problem is that they only increase inflammation and turn on that Bad Genes which traps belly fat and years to your face.

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“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of all..? “

Yea…  Sucks to know it’s not the present me. But obviously, my lovely teen days were the fairest. 

Not a problem, that failed weight loss attempt ain’t gotta be your fault because, guess what, ya know you are being lied to only find it not transforming anything inside you, those big good companies, losing belly fat advertisements about looking much younger are some ABC tools made for us to easily digest.

The fact is the more you diet, the worse you look and the older you get to look with heaps of fats producing more hidden inflammation inside your body that turns on your Bad Gene. 

Those years spent thinking of looking young and having flat abs has been only turning On your Bad Gene without you even noticing it. 

Look you don’t have to suffer the pain of ignoring those delicious foods to have a firm belly or body.

  • Don’t need to count carbs and calories. 
  • No need with expensive liquid cleanse drink, fancy supplements or pills. 

Gosh!  All those money spent could have been traded on dresses and foods.

Never Starve Yourself.

  • Myths and superstitions add an epidemic of hidden, inflammation that turns On your Bad Gene making it really impossible to have the tight toned belly and youthful lean body you have crave for.

You will get to discover a brand new  ‘Genetic Reset Secret’ to stop the inflammation that turns you cold by helping women like us look Ten Years Younger with flat tummy naturally and even faster. 

What is this Genetic Reset Secret?

What is this Genetic Reset Secret?It is a remarkable new discovery that several “Good Genes” can be turned on down to the very level of your DNA. 
Once you discover how to activate your ‘Youth Method Switch’. 

There is your answer to turn back time to 12 years and the picture of you on the beach holding a coconut sip, sunglasses on with your flat belly and that beautiful youthful body at just some 30 age. 

Genes you are born with – can be changed once you control your health and understanding your body
(Me, I never did understand myself, actually but now with this product, I tend to realize how this gene work).

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox helps anyone of any age(recommended for all age) even if-

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox helps anyone of any age(recommended for all age) even if-
  • Your doctor says you have hormonal issues or some medical stuff. 
  • Your bad genes have been turned on for years by eating the wrong foods or diets that literally cuts down the tempting smells of those beautiful foods. 
  • Works even better when you feel hopeless because of what you think that you have gained weight without results. (This is like forever waiting for a fairy to grant your wish). 
  • Normally diets fail due to their over-focus on activating or reprogramming your genes to lose belly fat and wrinkling. But stop there to give a chance to ‘Youth Method Switch’ cause this will help you get rid of: stubborn belly fats, wrinkled skin, saggy skin, dull and in a nourished skin, poor energy,  painful joints and so on… 


What to avoid? 

In order to see a youthful lean and tight belly

1: Say no to foods portrayed by the unauthorized internet sites and medias claiming it as healthy and wonderful as in packaged and processed foods, maybe based in the form of energy based foods with,  ‘diet foods’ making the headlines. 

According to brain scans, “sugar is addictive as cocaine”

Sugar is bad. As simple as you know, but you still want it, why? Because the brain is programmed to crave sugar. It’s bad.  Really bad. 


Cause it turns on your Bad genes causing disease and aged your skin and even makes you feel like a weary traveler in search of a shelter with joint pains and organs.

2: Stop that less eating, fasting for the perfect body.   Ain’t helping actually because eating too little cause your body to feel weak and stress overtakes you also increases inflammation in your body that turns on your Bad genes.

3: Liquid-cleanse diets only worsen your health because they don’t really have any protein and even worse you are likely to end up in bed with headaches and cutting off your day with pain causing extreme stress turning your Bad genes On.

We all know, some articles are weird …those are some good reasons why you still have that unsatisfied outcome, the good genes turns bad that result fat, wrinkles, and age a lot faster. 

These results ain’t your fault because

  • you did only what you have been told to. 
  • It’s not like something you’re not working out absolutely not because of your. 

 What’s The Culprit Behind?

Answer:  ‘Wrong Information. ‘

What is The culprit?Okay, new approach combining with the latest research on anti-aging and fat loss level of your DNA by activating ‘Youth Method Switch’ to reset your body effortlessly at the age of 30 or more
(Like in Desperate Housewives, lol)

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox Pros

  • Action visible within 24 short hours, with refreshing buds of energy already with the feelings your early 20’s. 
  • Releases those stubborn age hormones making you feel a much younger looking skin. 
  • Permanently resets your metabolism so that you will feel the miracle of losing some lot inches of belly fats within 14 days. Curves back to you. 

This new ‘Youth Method Switch’ is entirely helpful to women over 30 with an introduction of Genetic A three-day plan.

 First Day
☑Youth Method Switch’ is activated to finally turn off your Bad genes which will force your body to melt those fats in less than 24 hours. 

 Second Day

☑There is this beautiful lady standing in front of the mirror with that lean flat belly looking much younger and this will continue on.

Third Day

☑ Resets your metabolisms to become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. 

We all have got these problems-

 1. Shy to show your tummy because it’s bulging out. Gets even worse when you sit down in public, not in case you wear loose clothes.
2. Not able to wear crop tops, dresses and tights because oh, the world knows how it will look like. 
3. Unable to button jeans and pants, because it’s exhausting to always try to suck in the belly to make it to the waist. 
4. Paranoid your spouse find you unattractive cause no matter how hard you try, for goodness sake, it isn’t working out. 
5. Afraid it will affect and bother your sex life. 

 As I get older, something started to change, something that is unlike myself, like who I was before especially as I turn 31, 32 Or in my late 30’s perhaps.

I am like, 

Why I feel more tired? 
I began to have skin issues I didn’t face before. 
Weight problem

Less confident in myself

Yes, underneath my skin, I feel disappointed because I know I am getting older and also I felt helpless thinking that I am unable to maintain my own physique. 
Yes, starvation wasn’t helping. 

But with this ‘Youth Method Switch’ to ‘Turn on my Good genes,’ it’s amazing to feel that long gone flat belly I once had(I am relaxed and content).

It’s like regaining my very own property from a thief. 

I feel ecstatic and moreover, its anti-aging result is like giving me the originality of a glowing skin much more younger looking then what is possibly my age. 

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox Cons
  1. If you are that sugar obsessed person and someone who cannot help but continue to eat sweet flavors, I am sorry but this isn’t right for you.
  2. If you continue to take medication and pills which may be useless as time bounds then I am sorry this isn’t for you.
  3. If you are not someone who is willing to endure patience to watch, the result comes slowly, I am sorry but this isn’t for you.

So what are you for? 
This product is yours to be.

Go get your grab and start your quest to look and feel younger than your age, you would not believe to attain just at your age. 

Make sure you get it because it’s amazing.  Erin Nielsen, the creator of The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox is so confident with her product that she is willing to give you a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the program, you can request a full refund, no question asked.

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