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The Role Of Mother And Father In A Family

How many children should you have in your family? Certainly, no more than you can afford to nourish and educate. The ideal family should have at least two or three children.

One child grows up alone in the home is always at a great disadvantage, unless other children with whom he can grow up and have pleasant relationships surround him.

Large families tend to be happier than small ones, provided there is stability in the home and enough food and clothing to meet the need of all.

The Role Of A Mother

The center of every home is the mother. She is the one who must make the day- today decisions guiding the children as they grow up and helping them meet the battle of life with courage and understanding.

It is largely her place to see that all are fed and well cared for, she must train them in the way they should go. This is particularly true in the younger years before they go to school.

Even afterward her word should remain the unwritten law in the home to her: every child must give a full measure of love and respect their father.

In a home where the mother is completely dominant strained feelings and various kinds of the nervous problem may after affect both mother and children.

A woman functions best in association with her husband. This is more likely to produce a balanced home atmosphere in all the larger issues of the life.

The feminine mind responds best to guidance, counsel and cool judgment of the male. On the other hand, she is far adept in guiding the family through the maze of little decision that makes up life.

Therefore, each parent is necessary for full development of the children and for maintaining balance in the home.

The Role Of A Father

role of father in a familyIn many modern homes, a father has become the forgotten man. He is also busy with other things that he has little or no time to spend with his family.

In such a case, the mother may then have to step in and try to take his place; this is not good for the child.

A wise father will always spend a reasonable amount of time with his children, helping them to overcome the many handicaps, by growing up in a complicated world.

When he is strong and sensible his children love and respect him and this will mean more than bringing home extra money for them to spend.

Strange as it may seem, the most valuable thing in life cannot be bought with cash, nor will a child repeats a father who abandons the home and goes off to spend a long evening with his friends.  

His place is in the home to spend as much as he can with the family.

The man’s responsibility is equally great though somewhat different. He must earn a living for the family and provide them with the home they deserve. 

Each child needs to feel the warmth of his love and affection. Each is worthy of an equal share of his father’s time and interest. 

If the father excludes himself from the home, claiming that the pressure of business requires his constant attention, he can hardly be surprised if later life his children feel estranged from him.

A man who is irritable and tempered will not be respected by his family. Such behavior is a sign of weakness rather than strength. But a father who is kind and understanding will always carry the respect of his children and the community as well. The well-being of society and the enrichment of human lives

The well-being of society and the enrichment of human lives depends to a large degree on homes built upon these basic principles.

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