7 Genuine reasons why you should respect a woman

Why You Should Respect A Woman

There are countless of reasons why men should treat women with love and respect.

Here are  7 genuine reasons why men should respect a woman.

1. Behind every great man, there really is a great woman-

The woman is endowed with soft hearted, caring nature, soft –voice, femininity, and delicacy. She offers  men with unimaginable emotional support, making feel better about himself.

She listens and helps solve the issues. A supportive woman makes a man’s life richer and more meaningful.

He reaches the success level quicker when supported by a woman with strong minded and understanding.

2.Women are better negotiators than men- Women are naturally born as a good negotiator, they perform better than men.

They are gifted with attentive listening abilities and better communication skills.

They easily understand the situation and compromised with a brilliant solution.

3.Women are smarter- Although men are not intellectually dumber, Women are smarter than men when it comes to decision-making.

They are more patient, flexible and attentive.

They don’t rush to make decisions swiftly, they often tend to make a thoughtful decision.

 According to a study, In a corporate world, they emerge to be smarter and get a better outcome than men.

Another particular study pointed out that they performed better than men in an intelligence test when exposed to a stress.

4.Women are the spring of life- Women are the giver of life. They are the future.

Civilization comes from them. When a boy grows up they tend to find a woman as  a girlfriend or wife for themselves and produce their offspring from them. Therefore, No women, No human species.

5.Woman are more religious than men- In most of the tradition and culture, faith is regarded as central.

The Study says that women are more religious and spiritual than men, which makes a woman more faithful  and less likely to cheat  their partner.

6.Women don’t cause violence- As women are tendered with femininity, compassion, and love by nature. They don’t take a chance to commit a violent nor they have a crime spirit like a man. In short, women are a peacemaker.

7.Women are more hygienic than men- When it comes to cleanliness, women are much cleaner than men. They always smell fresh and look lovely.

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