The Power of Hormones by Angela Bryrne Review

The Power of hormones

The Power of hormones is a weight loss and health fitness program designed especially for women by Angela Byrne. This guide focuses on the function of hormones and the power of hormones for a balanced and optimal health. Ange’s writes-

“It Is My Revolutionary Breakthrough Guide to Achieving Optimal Hormones Health with the Power of Hormones.”

This system unravels Ange’s secret to effortless yet effective weight loss, renew energy, increase sex drive and find joy and satisfaction.  

It is a comprehensive guide and easy steps system on how to take control of hormonal balance as the ultimate end to the problems of exhaustion, weight gain, and depression. 

Ange’s guide on how to create a perfect balance of hormones for optimal health is not a quick or temporary fix, but it gives you the benefit on how to take control of your body hormones for the rest of your life for a holistic healthy lifestyle.

How The Power of Hormones is developed?

This system was developed as a result of years of personal research and experiments. She had experienced her problems wherein the doctors’ and medical examination result find it ‘normal’.

But she felt it and she knew it wasn’t normal. So she started her own research on how to find permanent treatment to her problems which the doctors and medicines failed to help. Eventually, her intensive hard work paid off that helped her and enabled  her to help women who are the victims of the cases like hers.   She writes, my 3 goals in creating this program are:-

  • To make it so easy for you to take control of your own health
  • To stop you having to waste precious time trying expensive treatments that usually don’t work
  • Give you the amazing life you deserve

Preview of The Power of Hormones

The Power of hormones previewThe core finding of this program is that the hormones and the hormonal function as being responsible for your holistic health condition. The system purports that the ‘hormonal imbalance’ is the primary culprit for multiple unhealthy physical and emotional issues.

Ange says that the conventional diet and exercise programs are detrimental and harmful to your health you’re your hormones are out of balance. 

It looks at the cause of your ‘fat issue’ from the inside out, i.e. the hormonal function.  So the perfect solution Ange provides here is to fix it permanently from inside out. She assures this guide will reduce your fatigue, help you lose weight, improve your sex drive and help you overcome depression.

  • The program purports that hormonal imbalance in linked not only to weight gain but also to various emotional and physical ailments, lack of sex drive and energy. Ange writes, this book is all my research …on thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone conditions”. It reveals the solution to all these problems.
  • The Power of Hormones is a holistic approach on how to treat hormonal imbalances by making changes in lifestyle and diet, intake of vitamins, supplements and medications. Ange gives you multiple and alternative treatments available to enable you to take the right treatment for yourself accordingly.
  • The major sign of hormonal imbalance is excess weight gain. This system will teach you precisely how to find the cause of it and treat it permanently. It will teach you which hormone is causing you which problem.
  • The program teaches you the secret of the hormones that cause you depression and how to treat them.
  • It gives you tips to expertise yourself and knowledge to adjust your treatment plan to suit any changes in your life.
  • The program illuminates of various health factors (illness, Menopause, surgeries) that can upset the hormonal balance in our body and gives you the tools to combat them.
  • The program also guides you to ‘Sleeping Beauty’s 5 Step Sleep Plan’.
  • The program secret tips of the program are to change your overall lifestyle for better like never before

The Power of Hormones also comes with three exclusive for free which are otherwise sold separately.

Super Bonus #1: Bloat Banishing Solution-This is a manual guide to the 6 essential keys to a clean gut, flat belly, and inner happiness.

Super Bonus# 2: Double your Energy– It is a handbook that guides you with the easiest ways to get rid of fatigue and energize you. It unravels 10 Important Energy Hacks for Women

Super Bonus #3: Eating for Hormone Health– it is what she calls The Ultimate Guide on What To Eat To Support Your Hormones.


  • The program is easy and natural which you can do on your own without having to spend too many energy, money, and resources.
  • It is designed for women of all ages
  • The benefit of the program is multi-dimensional, therefore, holistic improvement of your health.
  • The program is available with additional beneficial bonuses
  • The program comes with 100% cash back policy. Therefore, it is risk-free.


  • The effective result of the program appear doubtful skeptic laymen like us before one start to use it and see it for oneself and the system does not promise 100% satisfactory result to every single user
  • The product is a digital available online and you can access to it in ebook through the internet connection.
  • The system does not provide any video for visual references.
  • The system lacks sufficient reviews for personal references.
  • The program is designed primarily for women. So men users may prefer to look for other programs.

Should you buy this product?

There are countless numbers of health and fitness programs each claiming itself to be the best of all and promising best results and it’s really difficult to which one to opt for. No doubt, yet again Ange’s Power of Hormones claims the same thing!

But what makes this system different from the other programs. I have seen is, the program purports that the Hormonal function is responsible for weight issues, this claim does sound pretty genuine and practical and the does deal with a real issue.

Having learned about hormonal function and hormones health in your body will give you better knowledge on how to handle your health better. This system demands minimum time and resource which everyone can easily give.

Besides the product is available with 100% cash back policy, which means you can refund your money in full within 60 days of product purchase if you find the result unsatisfactory. So, why not take a test-drive now, after all, you got nothing to lose in that?

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