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The Organic Total Body Reboot Review

Looking for Organic Total Body Reboot review? This is my review after going through this program. The purpose of this review is to help you understand if this program is going to suit your needs.

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According to Organic Total Body Reboot program, It postulates that there have been a lot of dietary changes in last 15 years. A big agricultural industry has started to use harmful chemicals and pesticides to manipulate their crops to get the best yields.  

And unfortunately, they don’t want you to know that it’s bad for your body because they won’t make money off it, says Thomas Deleaur.

It theorizes that most people suffered from obesity because of improper balances of hormones and expression, mostly caused by the genetically modified food. A frequent consumption of these foods damages a wide range of your organs such as digestive organs, liver, pancreas and reproductive organs.

A frequent consumption of these foods damages a wide range of your organs such as digestive organs, liver, pancreas and reproductive organs.

It further says that genetically modified foods are slowing down your process towards losing your weight. 

The reason is that they contain harmful pesticides, preservatives artificial sweeteners and other chemicals additives, consuming these foods have resulted in many health problems and promote weight gain or obesity.

The program outlines comprehensive lists of anti-inflammatory foods offering a scientifically approaches to treat obesity, inflammation, and other health-related problems.

It shows the linkages between diet, hormones and genetic factors affecting inflammation, and while aiming organic approaches to lose unwanted fat naturally.

The system depicted certain foods that activate the inflammatory process in your body. By having more understanding of these foods and avoiding these foods can control inflammation.Organic Total Body Reboot Review

About Organic Total Body Reboot

This program is developed by Celebrity Trainer Thomas Delauer and Dr. Mike Brookins. It is a revolutionary 7 –day program, designing to drop your body fat and live a healthier, pain-free life. It contains theoretical information as well as practical information; focusing mostly on an organic diet plan and systematic exercise.

Organic Health Protocol Reboot contains some links to other useful resources, so to get the best from this program, it is necessary to connect to the internet while reading this eBook.

It has divided into five different sections

A day by day diet plan: This section reveals the general blueprint of the program, this section will take you on a voyage from what you can eat to what you can’t, designing to lost the inflammation that is causing pain and protecting your body from absorbing valuable nutrients.

3 Secret organic hacks to accelerate fat loss:  This phase is where the secret tricks are revealed to accelerate the extra weight loss. It also gives a solution to get over those barriers that can cause headaches.

Breakdown of your exercise routine:  The author feels that the internet is overloaded with unreliable theories and mind-boggling misinformation. He says that the objective of a breakdown of your exercise routine is to clear up confusion and make the exercise routine that will work and also to makes them as simple as possible.

Detailed supplement guide: As the program relies on rebuilding your organ to normalize hormones naturally, it includes a comprehensive guide namely… dietary, supplementation and lifestyle plans to aiming to bring your body back into balance.

Videos that break down each and every step:  This program comes with a step by step video instruction on how to execute every exercise correctly.

An overview of how this system can help you to reduce inflammation and drop body fat dramatically

  • By learning what an inflammation is.
  • By learning precisely why inflammation occurs in your body and what are steps to neutralize these conditions so that inflammation eliminate forever.
  • By understanding the connection between inflammation and inner imbalance and how to quickly restore the body back into balance.
  • By learning how to eat the right food and training your brain to crave healthier foods.
  • By learning how to perform a correct exercise for your entire body.


  • Although the program is aimed for 7-days, I personally feel it may take a longer period than the stipulated time framed to get a good result. As in order to neutralize your body system and balancing your hormones, it needs longer period than 7 days.
  • You may find a bit uncomfortable to adopt a new lifestyle in the beginning as the program involved some exercise and diet routine, however, I am sure the outcomes can be highly rewarding.
  • If you are looking for quick-fix solutions then this program may not be suitable for you.  It is important to understand that it takes time for your body to heal itself and some level of maintenance to keep things under control.

Final verdict on Organic Total Body Reboot

This program guarantees that if you follow persistently, the creator of this program (Thomas DeLauer) has assured that you will see the result in just 7-days.  However, if you don’t feel good about it or not satisfied as it claimed to be then you have 30 days to refund your money.

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