The Meaning of Life- Finding a Purpose in Life

The Meaning Of Life- The Purpose Of Life

This article is about finding the true meaning of life.  Finding the purpose of life is a challenge that we all have to go through.  It is something that we are all going to approach differently.

We all know that nothing is permanent. Nothing belongs to us. Even the air we inhale must be exhaled. Even we ourselves are not here in this world forever.

Every single thing which is being created will come to an end one find day (Psalms 49).

The world keeps changing every single day; the time keeps passing at each second and so does life.

At times I wonder about the relentless pursuit of life such as household chores, going to an office, paying bills, running to and fro, fulfilling family obligations, social responsibilities church activities etc.

This brings the day to exhausting, yet only to continue with the same pursuit the next day.

The more we attach ourselves to the things we have, to the people around us and to all our material possessions, the more we will be disappointed.

All our possession, our successes our failures, our relationships, people around us and our loved ones: wife, children, parents and the situation in which we are today: nothing will stay forever.

 If we analyze carefully, all these things just play various roles in the journey of our life and in the process, we grow old and our life comes to an end.

Are we going to take these things with us when our lives and or when we will be lying on the death bed? Absolutely nothing! Only our soul will journey on and nothing else will.  

Many people who go to sleep may not wake up the next day. And if you and I opened our eyes today, is it not right not right to thank god for the day?

Life is just precious. How many moments in a day are we conscious that we are mortal?

When we are conscious of this just one thing, some pertinent questions need to be answered:

What is the meaning of life and what is the purpose of life?

Why are we here?

Have we taken life for granted?

Why do we have a greedy heart?

Why do we cry for things and the luxuries we do not have?

Why do we criticize and find fault in people and things around us?

Why do we fight hurt and cheat people who trust us?

Is this the way we would like to treat our spouses, sibling, and parents?

Do we have time to showcase our attitude and arrogance to our neighbors?

Will our wealth and material possession give us great inner satisfaction at the time when we lay on our deathbed?

Can we afford to give up and regret later for that one extra chance we didn’t take?

Can we afford to do something rubbish with our life?

Why can’t we offer our service to someone needy?

Do we have time to get angry, take revenge and hold grudges in our heart for the people who hate us?

The key question is not “what is the meaning of life? In fact, there is no clear answer to this question. The only question that matters is “what is the meaning of life for you?”

Each of us is free to formulate his or her answer to this question.

The God who created us has a tremendous purpose yet only a few people truly comprehend.

Understanding his design for our life will lift us out of the emptiness of the race around us and give your existence incredibly rich meaning and worth!

Wise are the people who explore and discover what God reveals about why he created life!

The one who made you wants you to wrap your mind and life around the most incredible understanding possible: your purpose, your reason for being here on earth!

The above questions are some reflections from my meditation on the book of Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Gospel according to Mathew, and Particularly Sermon on the mount.

Out of the many inspirations, the strong urge that keeps my heart restless is the book of Ecclesiastes about which I want to share a gist on how I was moved by the words.

In this profound book (Ecclesiastes), Solomon takes us on a reflective journey through his life, explain how everything he had tried, tasted, has been meaningless, useless, pointless, foolish and empty;  an exercise in futility.

In fact, this book is part of Solomon’s testimony to what happens to a Kingdome or family that forgets God.

This book also helps us discover the true purpose of life. Such wisdom can spare us from the emptiness that results from a life without God.

What I like from his teaching is that people will not find meaning in life through knowledge, money, pleasure, work or popularity.

This is all meaningless and is like chasing after the wind.

True satisfaction

True satisfaction comes from knowing that what we are doing is part of God’s purpose for our lives.

He warns us strongly to remember our creator in the days of our youth, before the days of trouble come and years approach when we will say, we find no pleasure in them (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

His conclusion of matter is to fear God and keep his commandments for this is the duty of all mankind, for God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

Life is short and not permanent: we need wisdom that is greater than this world can offer.

We need the word of God so that we may life upright and glorify God through our lives.

If we listen to him, his wisdom spares us the bitterness of futile human experiences, nourishing our soul with heavenly riches with satisfaction, love, great values, character and blessing sharing and serving the people of God with the blessing that we receive from above.

Only these things will matter at the end and we will carry it along with us when we die. Life is beautiful when we discover the purpose and the meaning of life.

The Meaning of Life- Finding a Purpose in Life is contributed by R Ziisho Pao

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