The great brain secret review

the great brain secret review

This is The  Great Brain Secret review if you are looking for the official website, 

The great brain secret review

The Great Brain Secret depicts that it’s not uncommon for an older people to forget names of someone or misplace things from time to time, as this kind of forgetfulness is a normal part of aging.

However, when they confused about a way to go home or being confused about people whom they knew well or forgetting the name of common things like as table, pen, house or etc. it can be a sign of a serious problem such as mild cognitive impairment, dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease.

About The Great Brain Secret 


The Great Brain Secret is designed for those people who has memory problems and looking for a solution to improve naturally. The system comprises a series of exercise designed to improve cognitive health and the overall brain function.

Walter Bailey claims that whether you have severe confusion, brain fog or any other cognitive health problem, this system can help get rid yourself or your loved one from all levels of severity cognitive problem.

This system contains the theoretical as wells as the practical exercise information, intending to educate its reader and eliminate the  factors that cause cognitive problems and boost its true brain power with all its positive implications.

About The Author

The great brain secret is created by Walter Bailey, a 61-year-old retired advertising executive from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Walter Bailey claimed that he himself has suffered from a severe cognitive problem. And like most of the people he has tried several medicines, but had little to no success.

He keeps searching for the solution, believing that there must be a permanent and natural solution for declining cognitive health, not just a temporary solution.

One fine day when he was scouring the internet he discovered an amazing story about Bertie Allen, a 98-year-old war veteran, who had the mental alertness of a 30-year-old. He managed to met him in person and learns his secret.

The information and secret you will discover in this book are the secrets of   Bertie Allen’s.  His secret is based on a scientifically proven method comprising a series of simple exercise and brain tricks, which can be performed in just a few minutes a day from the comfort of a person’s home.

The great Brain secret is all about Bertie secret brain training techniques and exercises that Walter Bailey  has arranged them into a comprehensive step by step guide that anyone could follow.


This system  has come along with 4 bonuses, to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes.

Memory killing Medicines:

Memory killing Medicines This guidebook shows how medications decline your cognitive health. It says that as you age, your liver becomes less adaptable at metabolizing the drugs in your system. Your kidneys are consequently incompetent to eliminate the toxins from your body at the required speed. And thus, it damages the cognitive function and causes like dementia.  Instead of medication, it advocated a natural approach which has no any damaging side effects whatsoever.  

Brain Damaging Dangers:

Brain Damaging DangersThis guide focuses on the foods that are frequently eaten, but that harms  your cognitive health. It has included lists of food that you need to avoid, in order to protect yourself and your family cognitive health. Even for the many years to come.

Brain Control Bible:  

Brain Control BibleThis guide focuses on a trick that is designed to influence people decisions and behavior. It also teaches how to prevent from being manipulated or bullied by others. 

Meditation Mastery: 

Meditation Mastery This guide teaches a meditation technique for relieving stress and minimizes the stress hormone cortisol which is responsible for developing dementia.


  • It does not simply give you vague guidelines of what needs to be done, but it gives all the specific guidelines of exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do and why you need to do.


  • It includes a day by day protocol that you can follow and understand easily.  The day by day protocol comes with  a complete instructional guide and exercise worksheets, enabling to know exactly what you need to do and to ensure the maximum result.


  • It is based on the real world result, it does not entirely depends  on textbooks or classroom lectures, but it relies wholly on a top secret research study which was discovered way back in the year 1937.


  • It  comes with a money back guarantee policy. If you are not satisfied with the product in any way or this system doesn’t work for you, you can request a full refund. However, you have to make the request within 60 days from the day you purchased.


  • It requires you to adopt a new habit and follow the brain exercise diligently. You may find a bit prickly to follow the exercise in the beginning. However, it will soon become entrenched into your daily routine and become easy. It can be highly rewarding if you can follow the exercise daily.


  • A proper nutrition is important to keep your brain active.  However, this book ignores the dietary factors instead it mostly focuses on brain exercise and tricks.

Final verdict

The main goal of this book is to open the door to improve cognitive function and boost mental performance naturally, without any side effects, completely risk-free and a 60-day trial.

If you are not 100% happy with the outcomes, you can request a full refund. The  billing and return option is provided in the members area.

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