The Flat Belly Code Program Comprehensive Review

Flat Belly Code program

The flat belly code is a diet plan, aimed to lose weight effortlessly, without counting calories and cutting carbs. The idea behind this program is to fit into everyone schedule, even if the calendar is jam-packed.

The program is split into four different categories, The Belly Code: the core, 28-day flat belly meal plan, No excuses workout guide, and meal replacement smoothies.


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Author: Drew Hamilton


Flat Belly code: the Core

Flat Belly Code Core GuideThis phase is designed to help develop a strong and flatter midsection.

The general concept of burning off belly fat is that you need to lessen the calorie intake and increase the exercise.

However, this program is quite the contrary, it says that you can achieve a flat belly without – Counting calories, cutting carbs, boring exercise and sacrificing delicious food.

Drew Hamilton says that most programs these days focuses on “yo-yo dieting”. A weight loss cycle where you lose weight and gain over again, like a weight swings up and down.

In pursuit of weight loss, people go for extreme dieting but unsuccessful in maintaining the loss of long-term success. Within a short period of time, they regain their weight by eating as they use to, then starting all over again with another diet this is called yo-yo dieting or Yo-Yo effect. 

According to this program, dieting ends up eating more than they would have before dieting, causing them to rapidly gain weight. Many of the dieters find hard to sustain for long-term.   

This is the reason why this program allows you to eat whatever you want.

It advocates that fat can help burn fat without cutting calories and explains how fat can improve your mood and boost your immune system.

This could be true to some extent as even some experts say that fat helps us to feel satiated and can shed excess pounds on our body.

Drew Hamilton advocated that you can still eat high fat and lose weight, high fat such as butter cheese milk and yogurt can lower the chance of overweight.

28-day flat belly meal plan


28-day flat belly meal planThis belly meal plan incorporates foods that will help flatten your belly.  

The plan mostly focuses on monounsaturated fats, a type of fat that you get from avocados, canola, peanuts oils, olive and other natural plants.  

This system claims that you can lose weight even up to 50 lbs or more and help trim the waistline by following their plan.  

Drew Hamilton meal plan also shows how to put together balanced meals with over 40 different recipes. The author has laid out every food you need to include in your diet.  

However, according to your health status and other condition you may need more or low calories than the standard plan suggested by the program.

I encourage you to check with your doctors before you make any changes to your diet plan, especially if you are diabetic.

No Excuses Workout Guide

No Excuses Workout Guide

Drew Hamilton says that you don’t have to exercise like a maniac, to achieve a flat belly.

The exercise patterns are easy to learn and easy to execute without even hitting the gym.

Almost all the proposed workouts can be executed anywhere.  It contains the exact step by step guide to help you understand easily without any problem.

It claims that the designated workouts are 3x times more effective than any regular gyms. It is designed to burn the maximum calories in each workout.  

To get an effective result you need to follow the exercise routine for at least 3 days a week with one day rest between each workout.

Its series of exercise routines are designed for all fitness and experience level.

It also contains workout that needs to perform carefully to avoid injury.   

If you have never exercised before or just haven’t done in a long time, you need to learn to listen to your body. If you feel ill or experience difficulties, stop and rest.

Meal Replacement smoothies

Meal Replacement SmoothiesIn this busy world, sometimes when we are in a hurry, we just want something to eat quickly and easy.

This phase is designed in such a way that you can replace your meal with a delicious smoothie when you are in a rush and make sure that you get all the necessary nutrients.

It contains over 40 customs designed smoothie recipes to help you sneak superfoods into every meal.  The smoothie uses different fresh fruits and dark and greens leafy.  


  • There is no counting calories, no cutting carbs or no other restrictions, so it is pretty much relaxing and easy to follow.
  • The program is well written and everything is explained clearly with tons of excellent illustration.  
  • The workout is not time-consuming; it can be done in just 5- 10 minutes a day. The best thing about this workout plan is that it can be done anywhere, whether you are at an office or home.
  • Low risk of injury, if you are a beginner then this workout plan could be a great option for you as the movement is not sudden and unnatural.
  • As far as safety is concerned, the Flat belly code formula entirely relies on a natural solution; you don’t have to worry about the nasty side effects.


  • The flat belly code doesn’t offer a free trial period for those who might have wanted to test it.
  • You might get bored with the exercise as every session of exercise is structured almost the same way, even though some movement may vary.
Final verdict 

We have seen tons of promises and assurance claiming that their program can help you lose pounds fast and easy.

No doubt, Flat belly code is also one among them who claim to be best.  

Does this program actually work and different from other programs? Well, there is no best weight loss program.

It can be effective and work wonders only if you can able stick to the program.

Drew Hamilton is confident about his program that he offers you a 100% money back guarantee.

If within the first 60 days you are not satisfied with the program in any way, you can request a refund. It has promised to refund you with full amount without any question.

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