The Amazing Abs Solution Review

Amazing Abs solution review

The Amazing Abs Solution is a 24-week program, designed to strengthen your core, sculpt your ABS, burn your belly fat, gives you physical energy and boost your mind by using a technique called metabolic compounding.

A metabolic compounding is a transformative process that happens inside your body, activated only by executing a certain exercise that targets your deeper core muscles.

Each workout is a great way to induce the fat loss. 

The amazing abs solution program is split into different sections and divided into three phases- Build, Sculpt, and Burn. 

Almost all the workouts provided in this system are a range from 16 to 37 minutes, consisting an advice of aerobic exercise, high-intensity interval workouts, and healthy diet- consisting healthy fats, protein, fresh vegetable, and fruits.

About the author

Yuri Elkaim

The Amazing ABS solution is created by Yuri Elkaim, He is a registered holistic nutritionist, fitness expert and a Professor of Super Nutrition Academy.

He is also a former professional soccer player who acted as the strength and conditioning and nutrition coach for seven seasons at the University of Toronto.

He has written several books on Health and fitness, his works includes-The All-Day Energy Diet:  Double your energy in 7 Days,  Eating for Energy and the total wellness, 130 workout programs, fitter u and Fitter U Fitness, Amazing ABS solution and Treadmill Trainer to cite a few… and The New York Times bestselling author.

You may perhaps have seen him on the Dr. Oz Show on TV, as he appears in this channel on various occasion

The Amazing Abs solution comes along with 4 Bonuses

Kettle Bell core workout:kettle bell core This system is designed to stimulate several activities such as an atoning abdomen, oblique’s and strengthen the entire core. Kettlebell exercises are versatile.

They help to burn the body fat, build power and add a new dimension to the classic moves like chest presses and fly. These recordings are a brand new product that hasn’t released anywhere yet.(worth about $27)

Belly fat Burn workoutbelly fat burn bundle

The belly fat burn workout is aimed to help flatten your belly by burning the fat and strengthen your core. It is recommended to do this workout only after the first 4 weeks of applying the Amazing ABS solution.  

To apply this technique, you don’t need much equipment; all you need is just a stability ball. You’ll be guided step by step on how to execute the exercise carefully to get more burn than you would on your own.  (The Belly Fat Burn Workout is worth about $27.)

Ab | Annihilator

ab annihilator

This workout is only to be done at the end of the Amazing ABS Solution program (which is only after using for 12 weeks of this program).

This workout doesn’t need much equipment. All through the workout you’ll be coached by the author voice and keep you motivated. (worth about $27)

7-Day Kitchen and Body Makeover7 day kitchen

This program will teach you how to clear harmful fattening foods out of your kitchen, how to restock with healthy fat-burning substitutes and give you one simple step to take each day to losing belly fat and move you closer to the ABS and health you deserve. (worth about $47)

Pro’s of The Amazing ABS Solution Program

  • It is not uncommon to find a product that doesn’t work. It’s simply because the creator doesn’t really know what they are talking about.  However, the author (Yuri Elkaim) of this program is a well respected in the field of nutrition and exercise. So definitely, he knows what he is talking about. Undeniably, this product is not a scam.
  • The information provided in this book is written in an everyday language and is easy to digest.
  • The method provided in this program is unique, Each exercise and nutrition delivered here are placed to maximize the metabolic compounding effect. Most of the fitness trainer doesn’t usually focus on this technique.
  • The nutrition plan is sensible and easy to follow. There is no such restriction of diet, the idea provided here is a balanced diet, consisting of healthy foods such as proteins, carbohydrates, and even fats.
  • It doesn’t just focus on ABS or flat belly, but it also covers on how to boost your energy and improve the quality of life.

Con’s of The Amazing ABS Solution Program

  • By following the Nutrition plan, you may notice an increase in your grocery bill as some of the food items are needed to combine with smart workouts to help you lose your belly fat.
  • To get the most out of it, it is required to stick to the plan framed by the author.
  • If you are to follow this system you will probably need to change your lifestyle and stocked your kitchen with belly flattening food choices.
Bottom line

The Amazing Abs Solution is recommended for those who want an amazing abs solution or a shredded stomach. It is never too late to start a new.

I hope this system works out for you. However, if this method doesn’t work for you, then you can request your refund within 60 days of the purchased of this system.

Your money will be refunded in full, without any question asks.

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