Symptoms of a heart attack in women|Warning sign for women

heart attack symptoms for women over 40

There are many factors that are responsible for a heart attack, some of which include- High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, family history of heart attack, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, and lifestyle. A heart attack occurs when a blood clot blocks the blood flow to the coronary arteries.

The warning sign or symptoms of a heart attack in women may not be always same as men. Women may experience different symptoms that are typically not linked to a heart attack.

7 Common symptoms of a heart attack in women

  1. Dizziness- Often, the first symptoms of a heart attack are accompanied by a feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness, as the brain is not getting enough oxygen because the blood flow to the brain is interrupted
  2. Chest Pain-The symptoms  of heart attack in women doesn’t always have to be a chest pain; some women may experience it differently. Sometimes the symptoms can come as Nausea, indigestion, and vomiting or an abdominal pain. However, chest pain is the most recognizable symptoms for a good reason. You may experience a  pressure or tightness in your chest area. This is mainly because of the blockage of the arteries that supply the oxygen-rich blood to your heart and other parts of your body
  3. Difficulties breathing or shortness of breath– this can be a frightening experience. You may not able to breathe deep enough, as your heart is unable to pump enough blood to supply oxygen to your body
  4. Sometimes, the symptoms can be confusion, as the pain can occur in your arms, back, neck and jaw. You need to rule out the diseases.If the pain is in your jaw and constant, then it is likely to be a dental problem. However, if it is intermittent and gets worse upon the sweat, then it’s doubtless connected to heart diseases
  5. Cold sweat– This type of sweat doesn’t usually come due to physical activities or by heat. It’s commonly occurred because of stress, anxiety, panic and medical conditions. Cold sweat is also referred as night sweats. You may wake in the night and find your bedclothes and bedding drenched. Medically this kind of sweats is called Diaphoresis.  This happened because pumping blood through blocked arteries takes a lot of effort from your heart. Therefore, your body can experience cold sweat throughout the additional work. Don’t neglect the symptoms; contact your doctor for help immediately, if you experienced this
  6. Fatigue- When women have a heart attack, they can’t do even simple activities.  You may face difficulties even getting up or simply too weak to do anything. It can be caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. If your heart does not pump enough oxygen that your body requires for energy, then it will not fuel your organs. Therefore, you will be weak and exhausted
  7. Anxiety or stress– When someone is under stress it interferes the normal heart function and increase the risk of a heart attack. New research indicated that women are more likely to experience anxiety. This may be because their lives are so pressured of sexual trauma and rape, or any other frightening incident. According to a cardiologist  at the Baylor Heart Hospital, while estimating a woman’s risk for heart disease, they came to a conclusion that divorce women appear to have a higher risk of heart attack then who are not, probably they are more likely to have an unhealthy relationship and more stressful  in their lives.

    symptoms of heart attack in women

    Young women are more likely to suffer heart attack if they suffer from depression

Many women ignored the symptoms before  actually realizing that their heart was under stress. Heart disease is the no. 1 killer of women and it is estimated that it kills more people than all the forms of cancer together. Therefore, if you notice any above warning signs, then it’s highly advisable to contact your doctor straight away and save yourself

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