Still Not Getting Six Packs Abs

still not getting six packs abs

If you’re still not getting six packs abs, even after the constant effort, then probably you’re still doing something wrong or maybe you haven’t burned enough fat in your abdominals yet.  

The duration to get six packs depends entirely on the fat level over your belly.

The fact of the matter is most of the people doesn’t consider much about dieting.

 Dieting is something you need to consider seriously, as without nutritional plan you will not be successful in getting six packs or your weight loss dreams.  

With accurate exercise and dieting plan, your six packs will uncover in the blink of an eye.


Following May Be The Reason For Still Not Getting Six Pack

  • Most people believe that by eating less food they can lessen their fat, but it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating selected food. Opt for food which contains less fat or less added sugar. Fat converts high calories. Ingestion of fewer calories will reduce your fat. Concentrate more on the food which contains more healthy protein. Choose on what you need and not on what you want.
  • During a house party, club party, pool party, etc. many people often take excessive booze like beer, red wine, white wine, you name it. But we all know the effect of alcohol, alcohol slows down our metabolism. Although alcohol has some benefit in some ways, if you want to get results quicker than stay away from alcohol.
  • In every religion or society, every once in a while there use to be  festive and in such festivity, it usually comes along with food, it is quite tempting by a banquet preparation, some people consume more than what is required. The unused calories usually turn into fat.
  • Most of the people have a habit of eating junk food on a street, while it is best that you prepare for yourself in the kitchen. And better be mindful of what you eat. Junk food contains a less nutritional value. Instead, it has high sugar and salt. It has no health value.  Examples of junk foods are candy, fried fast food, and salty snacks etc.
  • Most of the people like a soft drink, to be precise…. Pepsi, co- cola, mountain dew and etc. A soft drink does not have virtually any health value. It comprises of salt and sugar that actually dehydrate your body. Water can work as a wonder potion when you are trying to build your six packs because it always keeps you hydrated.
  • Sometimes, people skipped a meal to reduce the fat. It does help to shave off some calories, but it will make you starve by the next meal which will make you eat more than your body need and store some extra calories on your abdominal.


Exercise increases your strength and developed your abdominals.  However, you don’t need to work out every day to get six packs. It will work just fine if you can do for at least 2 – 4 times per week for about 15-30 minutes, with anywhere from 2- 4 exercises for about 10-30 reps per exercise.

Following are the most common exercise for abdominal



Knee raise

Oblique crunch

Side plank

Lots of people suggested different things, but what’s important is that you stick to what actually works. Listen to the one who is already successful (bodybuilders who are already well known for their achievement) because they know what they are talking about.


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