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short speech on respect

Speech on respect: In a society, if there is a great deterioration of morality and deepening crisis of immorality, a profound and critical examination of our life and relation is momentous. I was quite enthused to learn that in the past, letting the elders which the round ahead was a taboo. Seemingly the sense of respecting one another is fading rapidly in our society today.

I remember in my teen stage, that the teenagers, though used intoxicant, did not take in front of the elders or in open places. However, sadly, young boys and girls today use intoxicants without any shame and fear.

The philosophy or postmodernism, though not studied or known by many people today, seems to be permeating sharply in our lives; it has actually pervaded deeply in many people’s lives. The question, ‘who cares’ need to be questioned. The perception of the individual’s liberty and choices is at stake.

Many elders today ruefully say that youngsters are not giving respect and honour to the elders. In fact, there is a huge generation gap in education and knowledge among the young and the old. So young people, with the acquired knowledge, often brag and speak about the elders contemptuously and derisively. Indeed, we see so many outdated.

Irrational and unacceptable elements among the elders, but the adage that says, respect the elders are still imperative and relevant. It is biblical. Hence, this belief should not be thrown or deemed as trivial. Though older people seem worthless or out of date, there is value in respecting them.

Respect is something which the majority desire and solicit, but do not want to give. So, when we talk about the concept of respect, the concern is not only about youngsters respecting the elders, but also the elders having due respect for the youngsters.

There’s a possibility of misunderstanding me here. I don’t mean that the elders should respect in the same way the young ought to respect the elders but hold that respect should be both ways.

Many elders do not realize that youngsters have been sidelined, disdained and discarded in various ways. As, I think, these take place because they are driven by notions such as this/that is not for the young, they cannot handle this, they are not yet matured, and young people should not five comments to the elders, so on and so forth.

According to me, even a great scientist or professor or preacher can learn from a small boy6. The phrase, ‘he is too young’ is widespread but problematic.

This is the reason many young potentials have not been used in several ways, but the whole society bears the loss. Even in the religious fields, this big issue prevails, but we don’t see it as an issue.

So, what elders should realize is that one of the reasons youngsters fail to respect the elders is that youngsters are not respected.

We see a very big imbalance in respect. The educated youngsters do not want to show to the elders as they are considered as illiterate, who know nothing about the present world.

If you are in this category, know that something is wrong with you. If you are dominated by the concept that we do not need to care or bother the elders, you have an attitude problem.

Listen to your elder advice, not because they are always right but because they have more experiences of being wrong

Listen to your elder advice, not because they are always right but because they have more experiences of being wrong

However, the elders also should rethink and question if they have failed to respect the youngsters. For instance, in public meetings/discussions, when a young man speaks in the discussion simply for fear of elders and giving respect. To me, this is not respected, but irrational and futile fear, which breeds further disrespect.

As I deeply ponder, we are taking much time to grow into maturity or become matured because we have this disease of delusive respect.

Many young people are abstaining from doing many good things because they respect the elders wrongly, and many elders are stopping the youngsters from doing many good things because they love respect in a wrong way.

The concept of respect matter much in many spheres of our life. We need to rethink and reconsider on this. If we do away with wrong notions of respect, dramatic changes can take place in our life and society. “Give respect and take respect”

Speech on respect by Liba Hopson

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