SpecForce Abs Review| Todd lamb’s program

SpecForce Abs Review|

SpecForce Abs is a revolutionary fitness program, particularly designed for a person who wants to experience S.W.A.T training and reach a new whole fitness level and ultimately achieved amazing and sexy abs.

According to Todd lamb, feeling the burn with high reps is just a waste of time. Training your abs with crunches and traditional is one of the fastest ways to get yourself into injury, pain and even look fatter.   

This system will take you to the whole new military sports training, a Spec Ops roots to create perfect sexy looking flat belly.

Men and women have different hormone, generally, men muscles tend to grow larger than women’s, and this doesn’t mean that they have to train differently. The Spec Ops men and women train the same thing but both attained an amazing result. By giving a proper training to their core, women can also achieve precise firm and toned female shape that nature prescribes, said Todd lamb. 

About SpecForce Abs

To make it simpler the Spec force abs is split into 5 factors that Todd lamb had adapted and learned from his special operations training.

Factor 1: Abdominal armoring

This factor is designed to protect your abdomen, which is meant to serve as a protective mechanism, like a bulletproof wrapping around your core.   It included a series of exercises that can enable self-protective shield muscular armoring.

Factors 2:  Asset Stacking

This factor strategically puts together the six-pack muscles – Rectus, Oblique’s and posterior and focus on each of them separately. According to Todd lamb, most of the abs programs focus only on the front flexion of the rectus, neglecting the posterior chain exercise.  

In order to avoid the risk of injury and poor health all these 3 distinct abdominal filed of action must work together hand in hand, said the author. These three abdominal fields of Action are furthermore targeted to achieve strong and shapely glutes. 

Factor 3: Fix Angle contraction

This phase involves exercises that contract abdomen muscles which are designed to ultimately achieve a flat stomach. 

It identified that most of the abs training program focuses on something called concentric contraction; however, the author states that this is not the best way to train your abs because it makes your muscles shorter and may even cause injury and other organ health program as well.  This phase used a method called Fix Angle Contraction to activate electrical activity and abdominal muscles fibers.

Factor 4: TQ work up

This phase is designed to help you jump start recovery. It framed out a plan to upgrade the tissues quality in your muscle system.

Through the process of training with the previous factors, your muscles likely become shortened and stiff.  In this section, you will learn how to upgrade your tissue quality, which helps you move forward, train more efficiently and paired with proper recovery. This will allow your muscles to lengthen and become more flexible and elastic.

Factor 5: Strategic target selection

This phase uses a technique called the electromyography (EMG) which is intended to activate the muscles during the exercise and give you maximum muscles fire activation, precisely at the right time in your progression.

 It involves using your spine, hip flexion, and spine flexion. These techniques are also useful for an effective exercise for abdominal strengthening.

What does SpecForce Abs include? BONUS

31 Exercise Technique Videos:

The spec force abs come with 31 exercise technique video to make it enjoyable and easy. These features help the user to execute every exercise correctly.

The Fix & Flatten 7 –Day Gut Health Protocol

Spec Force Abs bonus

This book is about how to restore your raze health by eliminating the toxin, bloat, and ugly belly inflammation in just 7 days.  It believes that inflammation triggers serious ill effects on your health, acting as one of the big reason increasing belly fat. Fix and Flatten will help you to detoxify your body and eliminate toxins in order to achieve flat belly or six-pack abs.

The Blue Jeans Perfect-But solution

Perfect Butt Todd Lamb Program

This program is about shedding off the unwanted belly fat and reclaiming your waist. In This system, you’ll find helpful tips to shrink your midsection. It includes a diet, exercise and other additional strategies to get rid of the additional fat on your belly.

Final verdict

This product comes with full 60 days money back guarantee. This means if it doesn’t work for you or not satisfied in any way, you can request the refund. It guaranteed to refund your money back without any question ask. However, you have to request a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase.


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