Reverse Your Fatty Liver By Susan Peters Review

Reverse Fatty Liver

Liver, as we know, is one of the most important and vital organs in our human body needs certain care as it plays an important role. 

The main function is filtering blood, after which the blood is passed on to the rest of the body. Detoxification of harmful materials is also done liver.

In order to maintain a healthy body it is important that proper care is taken of the liver, but with our current lifestyle, the constant change in our diet and consumptions of unhealthy foods have negatively impacted our lives and which in turns affects our whole health and our performance in social activities.

Due to the change in our lifestyle and eating habits or what we eat liver is one of the most affected organs and it’s not rare to see people having liver issues.

Of all the liver disease the most common one is the NON ALCOHOLIC FATTY LIVER DISEASE and according to studies about 25 percent of Americans, populations are affected by this. This makes up for a quarter of the entire American populations.

This is mostly because many people are ignorant of the issues their liver has as it does not pose any immediate threat and dangers for the time being or the initial stage the symptoms are generally diagnosed only at the terminal stage.


This program is written by a professional medical writer, researcher by the name Susan Peters who put out a layout and plans(includes diet and lifestyle program) on how to reverse your fatty liver in a clear and simple way.

She solely wrote this out of personal experience and experimentation as she herself was diagnosed with fatty liver a few years back. But she managed to reverse her fatty liver following these steps and method.

Her method is purely based on supplements and foods which tens of hundreds are already using to reverse their fatty liver.

Reverse Your Fatty Liver Brief Review

The reverse of your fatty livers program comes in the form of an e-book which is easily comprehensible. It consists of 141 pages and under this, there are two main phase and 17 chapters.

Part 1: Your amazing liver

Stereotyped human behaviors make us think that our liver is only affected by consuming excessive alcohols and it is made to believe that people who don’t consume alcohols are less likely to have a damaged liver.

However, there are multiple ways to damage a liver besides alcohols which can actually lead to severe liver problems and even liver cancer.

In general,  people with nonalcoholic fatty livers disease don’t really show symptoms at the initial stage, sadly they are only diagnosed at the terminal stage when the damaged have been significant and beyond repairable.

The causes of various types of fatty liver disease(NAFLD, AFLD, NASH) and the preventive measures including various methods to treat them, the diet layout that significantly improves a fatty liver in a comprehensible way are discussed here is the first phase.

Various reasons and habit of eating that cause liver damage and the reasons why we have a fatty liver is also explained here in this program.

This program explains in details of what’s happening inside a liver and gives steps to reverse it to your normal healthy liver. And shows you the connection between your diet and your liver, how they are linked.

Part2: Reverse Your Fatty System

Here in this part the main goal of this program is discussed thoroughly and is presented in such a way that any person can easily comprehend what she’s trying to show.

This part particularized individual liver disease and its remedies such as the Enlarged spleen, Red palms, jaundice, abdominal swelling, fatigue etc

Major plus point for this program is the flexibility as it fits every individual lifestyle irrespective of gender, race and fits perfectly for everyone like is solely meant for a particular person.

Part two is made of 9 chapters (8-17)

Chapter 8 and chapter 9: This two chapters mostly emphasis on commitment one’s principle to stay true to his own goals which he/she have set and the importance of self-motivation to achieve his/her target.

And in 9 the importance of food groups, the types of things we need to avoid which affects liver is shown.

Chapter 10-13: Damaged liver has the ability to regenerate itself, some can be reversed.Here in the program, she showed the process to reverse a damaged liver based on her personal experience.

In chapter 12 she gave a list of healthy food which can reverse a damaged liver and which are healthy for damaged liver with zero side effects.

As our body reacts in accordance with our changing surrounding environment.  This section shows how to control your environment to fight fatty liver.

Chapter 14: It’s is about learning how to cut off the negativity in our daily lives and being more positive

Chapter 15: Research shows sitting idle at work the whole day can be more than harmful so in order to avoid the health hazard from sitting the whole time this program teaches you how to do simple exercise and circulates the blood just by sitting.

Chapter 16: Not everyone gets the correct amount of nutrients required for a healthy body .some supplements are required at some point.Here in this section, the correct supplement for a healthy diet is given n a list as per your requirements.

Chapter 17: The last chapter gives you a list of groceries that actually helps in repairing damaged fatty livers.


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