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Reverse your diabetes today program

My diabetes story begins in September 2014, while I was on a holiday with my wife in Mall of America, Minnesota, suddenly, I had a sharp shooting pain in my head and  I was admitted to a hospital.

I usually don’t visit a doctor unless I am in huge pain. I had my blood pressure tested and other various tests, I was prescribed a bed rest. 

The next day doctor came and told me that I was diabetic. I was shocked and disheartened, so was my wife. I knew that diabetes is a lifelong journey disease that needed to be taken care of.

I was given insulin till the moment I was discharged.

I totally blame myself for causing this to myself.  I am sure, had I lived a healthy lifestyle, then I would not have ended up with this diagnosis.

If only I’ve care of myself and ate healthy, I would not be taking insulin injections and oral MEDs.

When I look back to my life, I would do all things that please my heart, I drink, smoke and eat whatever I want, without giving a thought for my health. My lifestyle leads me to this road, a life with diabetes.

I decided to deal with it straight away. Indeed, it is the most important decision in my life!

However, As I started to adopt a new lifestyle, I find very hard to change habits as it was something that I’ve developed from the course of my life. 

Whenever, I  eat whatever I want, I notice that It had only made me feel  worse. I am quite fond of eating junk food, it’s hard to give up my habit and adopt a new way of eating to only intakes of veggies and fresh fruits.

I was trying to follow the same path who is successful in reversing type 2 diabetes. I really want something to help me badly, a way to reverse my diabetes and eating habit. 

So I look up on the internet and started to look for the solution and I found Reverse diabetes today program. I have to say that this book is really helpful. It’s very educational and informative.

It has helped me to learn, living with diabetes

The Reverse diabetes today program really helped me figure out what foods would work for me and what would not.

With a drastic change of lifestyle, I am now able to stay off from the insulin injection. Had I not taken necessary changes, my diabetes would have gotten worse.

I am proud to say that my blood sugar level has come to near as the normal ranges.

Think twice before eating, there are many foods to avoid diabetes, I stayed away from, saturated fats, starchy food, dairy product, refined white flour and  sweets (candy).

I substituted my sugar with natural fruits and water. It’s hard to give up the thing we always eat, Diabetes reversal is not an easy path, but it’s not impossible.

How to avoid diabetes and reverse for newly diagnosed diabetes

The best advice I could give to a newly diagnosed diabetes is to make sure you have a great support team.

Surround yourself with people who care you and can support and understand the changes you need to make.

 Here some of the home remedies that helped me bring down blood sugar level-

  • Soak a tender mango leaves at least 5 to 15 leaves in a glass of water overnight and filter the water and drink the same on your empty stomach the next morning.
  • Take 2 to 5 of Okra (ladies finger) and slice up and soaked in a cup of water overnight and drink the next morning on your empty stomach.
  • Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of cinnamon in a cup of warm water and drink it daily. You can also boil the cinnamon sticks and drink its solution daily.
  • Drinking a bitter gourd juice each morning also helps me with my diabetes mellitus condition

Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease when not taken care. It can be life treating. Eat the right food  and exercise, then you’ll just do fine.

If you are also living with diabetes and thinking to avoid further complication, then you can try a Reverse your diabetes today program.

This book is diabetes guidelines on diet, exercise, and motivational tips for helping you stay on track.

The book also explains how we can prevent and reverse diabetes while losing weight at the same time


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