Beets Health Benefits       

Beets Health Benefits

Beets Health Benefits: Beetroots also simply known as beets are the taproot portion of beet plants. They have reddish purple color with a sweet flavor. Beet as a whole, both root and leaves are edible.

Health Benefit Of Raspberries|Nutrition Facts

THe Health benefit of Raspberries

The Health Benefits Of Raspberries

Raspberries are packed with rich nutrients, minerals and vitamins that carry lots of health benefits. The recent studies  revealed that the increasing consumptions of raspberries decrease the risk of many diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity while promoting a glowing complexion, healthy eyes vision and brainpower.  

Period Cramps Relief| Home Remedy For Period Cramps

Period cramps relief

Menstrual Cramps Pain 

Dysmenorrhea or period cramps affect almost every woman.  It is normally not a sign of serious health condition, but it can really cripple the normal lifestyle of women. Period cramps can be very excruciating experience, especially if it is severe. With that utter discomfort and throbbing cramps, all you want to do is lie down or lie curled up, but the pain won’t let you lie still.

10 Health Benefit of Bitter Melon

health benefits of bitter melon

 Benefit of Bitter Melon

The scientific name for Bitter melon is called Momordica Charantia. It is also known by many names in English such as bitter gourd, bitter squash, balsam pear, etc.  

It belongs to the species of gourd family and widely found in tropical and subtropical region of Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.  

How To Cope With A Break Up| Coping With Painful Feelings

How to cope with a break up

Looking for tips  on how to cope with a breakout? Here are some helpful tips on coping up with break out and cure your broken heart.

“He seems happy, he has moved on as if you never existed in this world. Perhaps, he has even got a new love and he is moving on, smiling, oblivious of your existence, giving his newly found girlfriend the same love or even more love he once gave you. But how could you even bear the thought of him being with somebody else? Look at you! You are still stuck at the point where he left you, unable to take a step further from that point.”

How to Make Him Want You More and More

How to Make Him Want You More

Making him want you more

This article will teach you how to make him want you more and obsess about you and make him miss you more and more.

There are share of contributions both the concerned lovers have to make in their own parts in every relationship. “I love you for who you are” but “I hate you for what you do” are two paradoxical things feeling many people experience in relationship.  “I’m so much in love with my girlfriend.  She is my bottomless pit; I keep falling for her over and over again. I just love everything about her and everything she does” said an ardent lover, a friend of mine. I joked that he is been blinded and his reason is impaired and that she is very lucky but I’m sure she must be doing her part well to be the ‘bottomless pit’ of her lover. 

8 Ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you

signs of unfaithful boyfriend

Looking for a signs of unfaithful boyfriend? Well, this article will help you find some of the signs of unfaithful boyfriend and Ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

5 Healthy  Food For Good Brain|Boost  Your Brainpower

food for good brain

  Food for Good Brain        

Sometimes, do you intently search for a thing you held just the preceding minute, wondering where you just left it? Do you sometimes wonder how inactive and forgettable you brain have become as you grow older missing the sharpness of your childhood brain? Do you sometimes imagine that your brain has become a frozen lump? Well, these happen to many people.