Vascular Failure Protocol by Dr. Radu Scutu Review

Vascular failure protocol

Vascular failure protocol is a program designed for the people who suffers from the epidemic of high blood pressure, diabetes, and vascular disease.  

It teaches how to effectively avoid and reduce these preventable diseases without resorting to any medication whatsoever. This program is developed by one cardiovascular specialist Dr. Radu Scutu.

Can Chocolate Help Prevent Diabetes and Heart Diseases?

Chocolate help prevent Diabetes and heart Diseases

For many people who are on the quest to weight loss can see chocolate as an enemy as they are high in fat and sugar.

However, Studies are increasing showing that a moderate consumption of chocolate can significantly lower the risk of diabetes and heart diseases and can actually help us stay slim.

How to Live 100 years |Blue Zones Secret

The Secret of Longevity and healthy life

There are places on earth where almost every men and women live to be 100 years of age and people forgot to die.

It is virtually unusual if you don’t make it to 100 of age in these places. These places have been studied by scientists for quite a long time and have been given a name: “Blue Zones”.

Blue zones happen to exist only in a few places on earth i.e. The Island of Okinawa- Japan, Nicoya, Costa Rica Sardinia- Italy, Loma Linda- California, and Ikaria -Greece

The Power of Hormones by Angela Bryrne Review

The Power of hormones

The Power of hormones is a weight loss and health fitness program designed especially for women by Angela Byrne. This guide focuses on the function of hormones and the power of hormones for a balanced and optimal health. Ange’s writes-

“It Is My Revolutionary Breakthrough Guide to Achieving Optimal Hormones Health with the Power of Hormones.”

Toned In Ten By Erin Nielsen Review

Toned In Ten

Toned in ten is a fitness program that goes beyond reshaping your body to defying an aging process, developed by Erin Nielsen.

The secret strategies of this program are supported by science evidence and intensive personal experiments on the subject. Key techniques employed in this system are ‘no time’ and ‘no money’ consuming.

Multiple exercises are demonstrated with video’s and pictures, showing the exact movement of the exercise which gives viewers a real time experience of how the exercise is performed.  

10 Ways To Deal With Death Of a Loved One

ays To Deal With Death Of A Loved One

Life’s promises are the most unpredictable thing on earth.  Sometimes life blesses you with a clear blue sky with beautiful sunshine in the morning only to let you experience the dark terrifying storms in the afternoon.  But that’s the reality of life.

 Life’s tragedies happen to everyone but the meaning of ‘tragedy’ differs according to an individual on how different people look at life and define their own perception of reality. 

How Does Physical Activity Benefits Your Health

How Does Physical Activity Benefits Your Health

Physical activity for a healthy living! If “An idle’s man brain is a devil workshop,” don’t you also know that an idle body is a host to countless numbers of diseases?  Physical inactivity is one of the common risks that lead to the global high mortality rate.

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you must do to keep yourself healthy and free  from the devastation chronic disease.  What do you understand of physical activity then? Physical activity precisely means movement of the body that works your muscles and uses your energy.  

First Date Tips for Women: Do’s and Dont

First Date Tips For Women

First date or first formal meeting is the most decisive and significant episode in every relationship. It is decisive because it decides whether you will have another date with him or not. 

In many cases, First date could be the last date as well. But if it turns out positive for both the parties.

A first date is the introductory rendezvous of your dates or precisely, the preface/prelude to the romance of your relationship.