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There are many people who are in poor shape, one of the core reasons is because the older we get; time seems to move even faster and to some busy folks 24 hours a day doesn’t seem to be good enough to fit in for exercise.

Yet, there are peoples who even after a constant workout for years they absolutely achieve no result. Without a strategic plan to enhance their bodies from adopting, they will never see a visible result.

Most people walk into the gym or health club with completely no plan, without knowing what type of workout they’ll do or what body parts they’re going to train.  This is a big mistake! 

F4X system affirmed that the long cardio sessions are not the best approaches to burns the excess fat. The best way to trigger the nutrition to work is through high metabolic bursting intervals and strength training.

Old School New Body reviews

Old School new body is a revolutionary program that is based on using safe holistic approaches i.e.  Healthy diet and F4X- a super-efficient fat loss approaches.

This system is designed to guide its user to achieve an attractive good looking body, without spending much time in a gym or from complicated diets and without starving or saying goodbye to your favorite food.

However, by following this program, it may be needed to change your lifestyle, which will give way to shed an excessive fat without messing up your metabolism. The more you build your body naturally, the healthier you will be.

What is the F4X system?

It’s a technique of training which is based on high muscles fatigue for intensity. This means a short rest between the sets.  For instance, let’s say, you’re doing curls and you pick a weight with which can go about 15 repetitions.  But instead, you do only 10. You rest for 30 to 35 seconds then do 10 more with the same weight. And go on until you finished the specified number of sets or until you can’t do another.

The number of exercises or F4X workout plan endorsed in this program differs depending upon the experiences and goals, comprising of 10 minutes per body part with the total workouts ranging from 30 to 45 minutes.

The first two weeks of the program primarily focuses on the short, brief and high-intensity workout believing that the rapid fat loss is accomplished through exercise intensity, not duration.

The F4X system mostly aimed to target the majority of muscle fiber to develop a stronger force. The muscles fibers directed in Steve Holman F4X have two main constituents- Myofibrils and Sarcoplasm. Myofibrils and Sarcoplasm

The myofibrils are a muscles fibril, formed by numerous actin and myosin filaments. It is like a rope gripping and pulling across one another. There are hundreds of myofibrils in each muscles fiber.

And the sarcoplasm’s is the fluid surrounding the myofibrils, which contains the mitochondrial where fat is burned, which is very important for burning fat and staying lean.

Table of Content

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F4X training reviews of Old School New body

workout If you haven’t done any exercises for years or have never lifted a weight before, then it’s recommended to break in easy, in order enable to acquaint your muscles to the new stress and weight resistance.

And instructed its reader to follow the F4X Lean workout and adopt a fairly clean habit of eating for 30 days with no excuses. It proposes to workout out for three days a week, with four basic exercises per workout which is less than 30 minutes per session.

In F4X LEAN, you’ll work out three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with only four basic exercises per workout.

You can perform all the advocated exercise at your home with a selected dumbbell set and an adjustable bench.

It explained that lifting weight is very important as you age.  Combining the right training and healthy eating habit is extremely important. Exercise makes the blood flow to the joints and strengthening surrounding muscles for better stabilization. Use it or lose it rings especially true as you age.

For example, many older people complain of elbow pain. According to Joseph Horrigan D.C of soft Tissue Center in Marina Del Rey, California, most elbow pain is caused by weakness and can be remedied by strengthening the wrist tendons and forearms muscles.  

Lifting weight is not only for building a muscle, but it is also one of the most efficient ways to burn fat.  Your body will continue to run your metabolism even if you step out from the gym or even after a workout, as the wave of repair and regeneration goes on for hours after exercise.

As you age, cardio is important because it always keeps your heart and circulatory system healthy and strong.  It reveals that interval cardio burns the fat very well, as it generates a glycogen deficit- the sugar you obtain from carbs after your workout goes to muscles tissues instead of fat cells.

Old school new body transformation tips

  1. Walk-It suggested adopting or getting a dog from the pound and walk with it every day. Even if you can’t get a dog it hinted its user to walk at least a few blocks as regularly as possible.
  2. Trainer-If you are an inexperienced person then it suggested you splurge on a trainer. A trainer can show you how to exercise correctly. However, it also mentioned that there are some nutty ones out there and caution to be careful.
  3. Eat vegetables every day
  4. Get more fiber
  5. Drink water constantly
  6. Don’t skip a meal
  7. Have sex multiple times a week
  8. Brush your teeth early in the evening
  9. Lift weight a least three times a week
  10. Sleep at least seven straight hours every night.

It doesn’t recommend sacrificing all your favorite food or beverages, be it a pizza, ice cream or whatever it may be, as it believes that when anything is too restrictive, it will not work for long because we rebel.

It has set aside a victory day to reward for a week of eating excellence and framed out one 24 hours period each to loosen your diet. It allowed you to eat anything, maybe a burger with fries, grab some ice cream, eat a sandwich in front of a TV, or even get some sushi- heck.

However, when the period is over, it is suggested to return to the healthy eating plan framed by this system. It relies on the principle that victory day is not only a mental break but it is good for your goals as wells. It further says that if you stick to something for long enough then your body gets used to it and that slows your metabolism.

Reviews for Old school new body eating or diet tips

  • Stop eating crap– this includes fast digesting white carbs like pastries, rice, bread, potatoes, pasta, and desserts.
  • Eat five to six smaller meals a day, most with protein– That will continually burn fat and build muscles with a faster-running metabolism.
  • Keep your carb intake between 100 grams and 250 grams a day– depending on your goals, activities, and tolerance.
  • Have a Victory day– Celebrate six days of consistent eating and training with a loose- diet day- just don’t go overboard and eat an entire pizza; suggested to keep it moderate but allow you to go ahead and splurge a bit to keep your metabolism.
  • Get some fast carbs and protein immediately following every workout.
  • Try to get fewer carbs at night– It advised to skip the fast carbs when the sun sets.
  • Lose one to Two pounds of fat a week– when trying to reduce your weight, it is advisable to keep it gradual and steady, anything that is more than the suggested could be muscles.
  • Reduce carbs intake or portion sizes slightly

Old School New body book review simple steps to create a lifestyle Habit

  • Find your “why” which is your purpose
  • Put a plan together( Which is what this system is about)
  • Identify disempowering habits.
  • Replace disempowering habits with empowering habits on a regular basis to close the loop.

F4X system Bonus

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  • It is easy to use and can be applied instantly.
  • Exercises provided are great for the heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Moderately well-organized, making it suitable for busy folks as well.
  • Provided exercises are fun to do because it is constantly changing.
  • Workouts are intense enough to produce results in weight loss even though it may take some time.
  • This type of cardio burns fat and calories during the workout and only upraised metabolism after an hour afterward.
  • It will be only effective when you could only able to use synergistically combine exercise with a healthy diet.
  • Some of the exercise specified in this section is difficult to perform if you have heart challenges.
  • It’s not a quick fix, in order to get an effective result it is necessary to combine with the other exercise suggested in this program.
  • It has the potential to cause an injury if not approached safely
  • It is mandatory to check your health condition from your doctor or any medical professional before you attempt any high-intensity exercise.
  • In order to get a full benefit from this program, you’ll have to push yourself out from your comfort zone.
Final verdict

Most people start an exercise program to lose weight, Instead of exercising to lose weight, think your workouts as improving your well-being; it will help you more to stick with your workouts.

Exercise is all about good health, longevity, independence for the duration and overall quality of life, not just looking better.

It can also be easier to stick with it if you have a partner. Find someone to depend on and who can depend on you to be there for the workouts.

They should have the same goals as you and be dependable- no slackers who miss more workouts than they make.

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