Nano Towel Review| Do They Really Work?

nano towel

Nano Towel is a recently launched product that employs new fabric technology which uses nothing by water.  It is specially designed to replace the paper towels and any chemical cleaners. Aiming to provide eco-friendly and avoid toxic chemical that we are exposed to in our daily lives.

This product is a new concept; using the next generation of fabric technology. They are made using a unique, proprietary complex methodology and protocol. ( you’ve probably never seen before)

It is said that they are hundred times finer than a human hair, stronger and tougher than the normal towel, containing almost 100,000 Nanolon fibers per square inch.

You can virtually dry any surface without needing to worry about tearing. They are sturdy and of an exceptional quality; you can wash them over and over again when it is dirty. 

Why Should You Use Nano Towel

Many people don’t like using cleaning agents for various reasons.  One of the major reasons is that they are expensive; another reason is that those chemicals can cause an allergic reaction and skin complaint. 

Many households are exposed to dangerous toxic every day. Lots of popular cleaners are highly toxic. If you look at a label it is likely to say ‘hazardous to humans and domestic animal’.  

We are routinely exposed to toxic chemical every day. Why would anyone use these anyway?

The manufacturers argue that in small amounts these toxic ingredients are not likely to be a problem, however, when we exposed to them routinely, there is no way that we can escape the risk.

Some of the cleaning chemicals can cause an immediate reaction by direct contact and cause headaches, fumes, skin burns and some of the chemical can cause enough harm in our body over time and triggers some kind of disease outcome.

The truth of the fact is that we don’t just cause pollution to our environment but poison our bodies in the process. We may not able to avoid the exposure to toxic chemical altogether but we can significantly reduce them by swapping them for healthier and safer options.

The Environment

The Environment

We may be keeping our house clean and tidy but sadly we are making the environment dirtier in the process. 

If you are concerned about the environment, then you can start helping by switching to a non-chemical alternative product.

The cleaning agent will simply not vanish into thin air. It is possible that the toxic chemical flush down your drain then into river and seas, where they gradually build up and cause water pollution.

To satisfy our desire for disposable paper towels, millions of trees are cut down each year. And sadly only 2 % of this paper is recycled.

By protecting the forest, it helps to fight global warming and prevent floods and drought by regulating regional rainfall.

The latest Nanolon fibers clothes will not only make your life easier but will also make your house more hygienic and avoid toxic chemical or detergents that get things looking cleaner in a lot less time.

How does Nano Towel work?

Water is called a universal solvent because it is capable of dissolving a variety of different substance. Although water is not a good solvent for many contaminants, it is pretty good at cleaning most things which improve its solvent characteristics

In general, where water cannot help, we use a cleaning agent to flush away the dirt. However, with Nano towel, you don’t need any detergent or soapy chemical to clean the dirt. The towel itself has the ability to suck all the dirt like the magnet even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles.

If you follow the traditional way of cleaning, you’ll probably use a chemical agent to break down the dirt and wash away the dirt that is attached to.  Even when the dirt gets missed, some toxic chemicals are often left behind on the surface you are cleaning.

One of the advantages of using Nano Towel is that it will make your home more safety and healthier, keeping your children and pet safe from harm by reducing the amount of toxin in your home. 

What is the best way to use Nono towel?

Like all the traditional clothes, you can also use Nano towel for general cleaning. The first time you use, you’ll probably soak fully into the water. However, this will reduce an effectiveness of the cloths. I find the best way to use Nano towel is with as little water as possible.

For example, if you want to clean a dirty window, simply scrub the dirty glass with a damp Nano towel and then go over it with a dry Nano towel; you’ll be amazed at the smear-free, sparkling finish.

You can follow the same process in your bathroom, kitchen… you’ll be amazed at the result. (Sorry to sound like a terrible advertisement, but it just it is! 🙂 

If Nano Towel Are So Good, Why are they Not So Popular?

If Nano Towel Are So Good, Why are they Not So Popular?

Nano towels are not as popular as any other household chemicals because household cleaning chemical markets are worth tens of billions of dollars to big chemical companies and the stores that sell them.

Companies like that spend thousands of dollars on marketing, advertising.

However, many people are not aware of Nano Towel as it is new on the market and cannot be seen in any commercial advertisement. As of now, these towels are not available in any retail outlet. You can only order online.



Money saving: At the supermarket, the price of the paper towels are accelerating dramatically.  Presently, it cost as much as $ 3 per roll.

The prices are rising because of the production cost, material, deforestation, and transportation costs are also mounting at the same time.  Many households used tons of rolls a week. One time purchased of these items can save you a lot of money.

Better Health protection:  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 33% of American suffers from chemical sensitivities.

There are many possible ways that these harmful chemicals can enter the body and cause serious health problems, emergencies, and even death.

You can easily eliminate the risk of chemical sensitivities by using Nano towel and avoid potentiality of skin rashes and respiratory difficulties caused by those toxic chemicals cleaning agents.

Easier and more convenient: It takes effort and a lot more time to remove the bulky items of paper towels. However, with Nano towels it has made a life easier and more convenient; you can effortlessly take the towel anywhere and clean practically anything, using nothing but water.



  • Cannot Kill the bacteria: Nano towel cannot eliminate the bacteria or germs on the surface that you clean. It is suggested to use a spray bottle of diluted vinegar or baking soda on the areas you want to disinfect.
  • It needs frequent washing: If the towel is left wet and unwashed for months then it can cause an awful smell like mildew.
  • Doesn’t come in different colors: They don’t have much color option; it mostly comes in green only.
Final Verdict

Nano Towel comes with a full one year warranty. It can generally last for about 2 to 3 years or 300 to 400 uses. These towels are a great way to start saving money and maintain your health while keeping your house clean and safe.

It will also you help to save time on cleaning and ease your effort by keeping away from lugging a dozen cleaning chemical bottles and a roll of paper around the house while you clean. Most importantly, it will make your house smell nice while reducing the toxins in your home. 

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