Most successful weight loss program for women-Venus factor

Most Successful Weight Loss Program

You are never too old to feel young and free. It doesn’t matter what shape and size you are, your age or how many weight loss programs you have tried to shed your excess fat.

There is always a way that you can acquire a lean and an attractive body with the most successful weight loss program.

Many people fail to understand that wrong weight management programs can actually increase the size of muscles in the wrong proportion, making you look terrible.

That is why a proper guidance is required in order to achieve a healthy, normal weight and size.

It is estimated that most of the natural shapes come from your genetics. However, shedding the excess fat or getting a toned body is within your reach. 

This means how you look and the shape of your body is completely within your control and you can switch to the body you desire by implementing the right tools.

Every individual has their own unique body structure and shape and it is primarily determined by three factors – the size of muscles, the volume of fat you have on your body and its position.

In today’s diet program to lose weight, you will see a lot of unnecessary diet plan that adds stress to the process which is already stressful enough.  

Most women generally give up on the process because they basically develop stress over the course of dieting.  That’s why you need to follow a system that actually works and is easy to implement.

Here is the most successful weight loss program for women – The Venus Factor

the most successful weight loss program

The Venus Factor is a comprehensive weight loss program for reshaping your body.

A 12-weeks based program, which is basically assembled with the combination of explicit exercises and nutritional strategies  along with an advanced software calculator for body and nutritional measurement accuracy.

Most diet programs focus on temporary weight loss.  However, The Venus Factor is designed and aimed to give you a permanent solution for weight loss as painlessly as possible.

It is targeted to re-balance the hormones responsible for appetite and weight gain. 

And  envisioned to balance your life internally and externally, between family, relationships, career, hobbies and achieving the body you want.

The perception of balancing starts with the internal balancing of your body from a hormonal and metabolic level to your body fat levels and muscles.

It is learned that when your body is out of balance it becomes hard to lose weight.

Like any other weight reduction program, this program also contains challenges, some of which you may find easy while some of them may not be necessarily easy as claimed.

To cite an example, to some- push ups would seem to be a simple exercise; however, others might find it impossibly hard the first time they try it and so on…

Who created Venus factor

John BarbanThis program is created by John Barban.

Here is a summary of his formal education, training, and achievements;

  • Obtained a degree in Human biology and nutrition, University of Guelph-Canada.
  • Master in Human Biology and Nutrition, University of Guelph-Canada.
  • A degree with honors in the field Exercise Physiology, University of Florida

Training certificate succeeded by his Includes- NSCA CSCS, ACE-PT, and CSEP.

Working Experience:

Worked in the dietary and sports supplement industry researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements for the better part of the past 8 years.

Some of the brands he worked with and created include-

  • MucleTech
  • NxLabs
  • Slimquick
  • ADS
  • BlueStar Nutraceuticals and
  • Empowered Nutrition Products

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What makes The Venus Factor the most successful weight loss program for women?

The Venus Factor is considered the best weight loss program because it contains a complete fat reduction and body reshaping program.

This program has already built up trust with many users because the system really works. It  is a losing weight program to help you move towards a defined and measurable body shape goal, using the ‘golden proportion‘ as a guide.

The main objective of this program is to help refine your muscles and shed away the excess fat and achieve the lean figure that you always desired.

It is created in such a way that it lets your muscles work in the exact ratio needed in order to create an aesthetically attractive body. 

The Venus Factor gives you access to the Venus Factor community exclusively available for its members.

In this community, you will be updated with the latest weight loss research and development, share tips, etc.

You can exchange questions and answers for any issue and clarification with your fellow members who are on the same quest for weight loss.

If you would like to approach the author, you have the option to call him and ask anything regarding weight loss, and he’ll respond to your questions and guide you to stick to your plan and ensure success with this weight loss program. 

The venus factor user review

Jenn C- The Venus Mindset

How does it work?

John recognized that one of the biggest problems of women when it comes to losing weight was the level of LEPTIN in their system.

LeptinLEPTIN is a type of signaling molecule commonly known as the master hormone regulating fat loss.

LEPTIN serves as an important role in different systems of your body. Generally, the more fat, the more LEPTIN.

LEPTIN signals your brain on how much food you’ve just consumed, and it also responds to exercise intensity, duration and the amount of chronic inflammation in your body. 

It’s estimated that women have LEPTIN in their body as twice as much as men.  However, it doesn’t mean that you have to burn twice as many calories as men.  

According to particular studies a woman’s body is more naturally resistant to LEPTIN as compared to men.  That is why it is necessary to approach a specific diet plan and exercise in order to maximize your results.  

The Venus Factor postulates that when women age and get pregnant and start to have children, their hormones gradually become out of balance and  that’s when things go wrong, making it hard to stay fit and in good shape.

And all this happens because their bodies are naturally more resistant to Leptin then men.

John Barban exposes his discovery, a specific key to reverse Leptin resistance in women. His techniques are based on the combination of dietary changes and a 12-week exercise plan. 

And this specific key, he refers to as the METABOLIC OVERRIDE (MOR). This approach is targeted to make women’s physiques respond to leptin much better, without indulging in restricted foods.

What is the most successful weight loss program

Liss Graham- Venus Mindset

The Venus Factor Workout

Some of the workouts in this program is not mandatory, it is just optional. The Venus Factor program is intended to lose your weight by following the nutrition plan with the assistance of the virtual nutritionist and the Venus Immersion social community.

However, the workout guide and the streamlined videos are provided for those women who wish to tone up the muscles in order to achieve a better body composition and shape.

It includes 130 step by step video guides. All the demonstrated exercises can be executed in the comfort of your own home.  Almost all the exercises provided are designed for women. 

Special care is taken so as to prevent minor injuries.

The workout factors are planned for 12 weeks, comprising 3 workouts for each week, ranging from 15 to 50 minutes for each workout.

Each workout is followed by different exercises and explained by charts, demonstrating how to execute every workout step by step, making it very easy to follow.

The workouts specified in this program can be executed even at home if you choose not to go to the gym.

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The Venus Factor diet

The creator of this program believes that women dieting should be treated differently to men.

The reason is because women produce more LEPTIN, twice as much as men; however, they are three times less responsive to LEPTIN than men and they don’t use it to the maximum; this phenomenon is called LEPTIN resistance.

When women diet their Leptin level drops twice as fast as men.This means that women reach weight loss plateaus much faster than men. 

The Venus Factor system doesn’t believe in good VS bad foods, unlike most of the dieticians in the fitness industry who recommends always eating good foods and avoiding bad foods.

Barban says that if you forgo your favorite food while following a lose-weight program, then it will probably end up worse.

He pointed out a psychological phenomenon wherein when a person believes that they are eating a forbidden or bad food, they go into a state of uninhibited eating where one steps over the forbidden lines leading to an all-out feeding frenzy.

To cite an example- Let’s say that you are on a diet, and you have maintained a strict diet for almost a complete week, only consuming healthy food like salads, green veggies, fruits and lean protein sources while avoiding foods such as junk food, processed food, sweets and so on…

However, one day, let’s suppose that you are out with friends for some party and instead of choosing a salad, you indulge and join everyone for a slice of pizza and from that one slice of pizza it goes into another and so on and for a quart of an ice cream for dessert and chocolate.

At last, you realize that you have now crossed the forbidden line and you might say to yourself that since I’ve crossed the forbidden food zone today, there is no looking back for today, I will get back on track tomorrow.  Barban says that this only makes it worse for your weight loss journey.

This program wants to assure you that there is no such good VS bad food; it instead wants you to see food in terms of total calories.

It declares that it is the total calories that you should keep an eye on, it doesn’t really matter from which type of food that those calories come from as long as you are striking your calorie targets in the weight loss program.

This means that you can eat almost everything in a limited amount or less frequently than others. It will help you to enjoy, give you satisfaction, appreciate your food and your body as you go along the quest of losing weight.


User review weight program

Shannon Conners- The Venus Mindset

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