Mental Health Miracle By Matthew Konstantine Review

Mental Health Miracle By Matthew Konstantine Review

Depression is technically a mental disorder that affects millions of people globally and can be responsible for many failures in our day to day life including physical health, social activities and spiritually too.

If left unattended, it can cause major issues and the worse case is dead in the form of suicide.

Symptoms and signs of depressions are insomnia, tired all the time, loss of appetite, anxiety attack etc.

THE MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM is step by step layout of instructions on how to deal and overcome depressions and anxiety attacks in a completely natural ways without any artificial help.

The author made it easy and comprehensible for every reader irrespective of age or gender.


The book comprises of 61 pages and is available in the form of an e-book. The foundation of this e-book is genuinely based on research and personal experience from the author Matthew Konstantine himself.

Matthew Konstantine was also once a victim of depression. There were times in his life that he thought is the end and there’s no way back from the dark side of this mental sickness, even had an appointment with doctors and took the prescribed drugs. 

However, apparently, those drugs were temporary and never lasted long enough to keep him away from depression

He in spite of the war going on his mind could slowly find a way back mentally and physically almost after a decade of depression and anxiety attacks.

Ever since he made out of his decade-long depression Matthew felt obligated to share and help people in the least way he could so he wrote a book on how to overcome depressions and anxiety attacks, as depression is all inside our head and is a deadly mind game.

The Content Of The Book?

The mental health miracle is divided into 13 chapters, consisting of 61 pages. Below given are the summary of the book.

Chapter 1-3

  • Prescribed pills are not the only solutions for major depressions and anxiety they also have a side effect.
  • Some anti-depressants work significantly betters than other depending on person to person.
  • Give the list of antidepressants which works for the majority of people.
  • Gives the importance of the link between your daily diets and depression and how it is directly affected.
  • Show the list of food that reduces depressions and those that should be avoided.
  • The link between human’s gut and mental health and how to set it right.



Chapter 4-6

  • The importance of sleep and its connection with physical and mental health and how to get a proper sleep.
  • Shows the importance of sunlight and its benefits as a natural anti-depressant which is free of cost.
  • Give the list of vitamins which actually helps and suppress depressions.

Chapter 7-9

  • Matthew suggests and recommends to combine mindfulness along with meditation to your mental health program to reduce depression.
  • The importance of daily exercise to mental and physical health in our daily lives.
  • Includes the types of workout which enhance mental health.
  • Gives the importance of spending time with nature from time to time and how this calm down a heavy mind and reduce depression.

Chapter 10-13

  • One of the most important parts of the book, it primarily focuses on how to gain or recover self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Benefits of specific natural herbs, supplements, vitamins to relieve depression and anxiety attack.
  • Also, talks about the importance of meditation and light therapy.





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