symptoms of renal failure

The kidneys help filter the wastes from the blood letting to pass away through urine and impart cleaned blood to the body.  

It is one of the most important organs in your body to maintain a good health. The failure of the kidney can affect the quality of  your life.  

It is estimated that 26 million of  Americans have this life- threatening diseases  and is  growing at epidemic proportions.

Studies say that kidney disease is the number ninth  killer in The United States.

Renal failure is a medical term in which kidneys stop functioning well and need a dialysis treatment or a  kidney transplant.

The kidney diseases can be classified as an Acute kidney disease– This problem is often recoverable with proper treatment and Chronic kidney disease- occur slowly and more complicated than acute kidney disease.

It has five different stages and the most difficult one is ESRD (End-Stage Renal disease), in this case it often requires dialysis or kidney transplant.

Diagnosing the kidney failure symptoms early can prevent serious treatment.

symptoms of renal failure

When the kidneys fail, you may undergo a urine changes such as

  • Your urination may be more frequent than normal or greater amounts along with pale urine.
  • Having less frequent urination or in smaller amounts than usual with dark colored urine.
  • Your Urine contains blood.
  • You may experience pressure or difficulties during urinating.
  • Your Urine may be bubbly or foamy

When the kidney is unable to remove the extra fluid in the body, it causes the legs, ankles, face, hand and feet to swell. And will experience shortness of breath due to extra fluid in the lungs

When the kidney fails to remove the waste from the blood stream the build up wastes or toxic causes a severe itching over your body

The healthy kidney produces a hormone called erythropoietin. This hormone that helps the bone marrow to increase the production of red blood cells which carries fresh oxygen throughout the body. 

When the kidney fails, it produces less erythropoietin subjected to feel tired, weak, dizziness, memory problem and low blood pressure

Other symptoms of renal failure include-

Difficulties of sleeping

Loss of appetite

Muscle cramps

Darkening of the skin



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