Why I am Having Trouble Losing Weight?

Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Almost everyone feels enthusiastic when they first start their weight loss journey.

However slowly and steadily many people begin to lose their motivation and lose their initial charm when the reality doesn’t meet their expectation.

The most common barriers that discourage people in weight loss are-

Not having solid and realistic goals, being impatient and not maintaining a consistent and vigilant commitment to weight loss plan.  

Setting a realistic goal and by putting an effort will ensure you to keep on track and hit your weight loss goal.

Don’t expect to lose a lot of weight in just the first few weeks.

Slower weight loss is not only healthy but also more sustainable than rapid weight loss.

And it is more likely to become permanent lifestyle change and success.

Top Reasons Why I am Having Trouble Losing Weight

Relying too much on low-fat foods

Relying too much on low fat foods

Many people on their weight loss journey, they tend to adopt a habit of looking for low fat or diet labels before deciding whether a food is diet friendly for weight loss.

Such food may not be a healthy food; it contains hidden abundant fats, artificial additives, artificial sweeteners, coloring, and flavoring.

Eating such foods increases the risk of obesity and visceral fat as well.  

According to International Journal of Obesity, most people may think they are eating a healthy diet.

However, the truth is that a healthy diet can be moderately high in fat, with saturated and trans-fatty acids kept low and the remainder as a mixture of omega-9, omega-6, and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. (1)

Just like low-fat foods are not much better than their full-fat counterparts in weight loss, switching to diet drink may be doing you more harm than good.

Most of the diet drink contains artificial sweeteners.  

According to some studies, artificial sweeteners might cause weight gain even though they themselves have no calories.

Most of the sweeteners contain aspartame; it can stimulate your appetite and even inhibit the brain cells that you are not full and cause you to eat more. 

Skipping meals

Skipping meals


Some studies have recommended that eating patterns, such as eating frequency and distribution of eating throughout the day can have a huge positive impact on your weight loss plan. (2 )

The common weight loss mistakes are skipping meals.

Many people think by eating fewer calories or by skipping meals will help them to accelerate weight loss much faster than a diet plan.

But the truth is by skipping a meal; it will lower your metabolism and set you up to overeat the next meal. 

In other ways, as your body enters a starvation mode, you are more prone to eat much more at the next meal

Experiencing stressful situation in life

Experiencing stressful situation in life

Stress is a part of our life, but unfortunately, research reveals that stress is also associated with fat; it can avert you from losing weight.

Even though you are eating healthy food and following workouts routine, it could add some extra pound by going through with stress.

Every time you are having a stress day, your brain instructs your cells to release a third hormone, cortisol. This hormone increase sugar craving and fatty foods.

It may not be possible to eliminate all the stress you’re experiencing. However, no matter how stressful your life can be, there is always a way to reduce a stress and keep your cortisol levels and weight under control.  

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep

In spite of walking the straight and narrow- following strict diet and exercise- and yet you are not losing weight, the reason behind not getting result can be the lack of sleep.

Sleep plays a very important role for good health and wellbeing. Many studies show that sleep plays an important role in weight management. 

The sleep levels are linked with our hormones in a number of ways.

The lack of sleep can release a hormone called hormone cortisol which activates fat storage.

According to National Institute of Health, sleep deprivation is associated with a reduction in Leptin and raised ghrelin.

When the leptin levels are high it will make you feel like you are fuller and will help in losing weight.

However, ghrelin is a type of hormone which increases appetite and contributed to obesity. (3 )


Always neglecting protein

An adequate amount of nutrient is essential for maintaining a good health.

Protein is one of the important key roles for body weight management.

In every weight loss journey, protein is essential because it helps you to feel full and prevent overeating.

Protein can help to slow down digestion and satisfied and less likely to go back for seconds.

Not eating enough protein can have a negative effect on your weight loss dream.

Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water

It is the fact that water makes up more than two third of our play. So water plays a significant role for a  good functioning of the human body.

It is also true that drinking adequate water can be a useful tool when trying to lose weight.

Hydration will help to boost your metabolism, suppresses your appetite and help you burn your calories.

However, dehydration can affect the ability to burn body fat, it encourages excessive calorie intake and will slow down your metabolism.

So, despite an effort to weight and not getting  the desired result, you probably not drinking enough water!

Relying only on exercise to lose weight

Relying only on exercise to lose weight

Other mistakes that people often make while trying to weight loss is that they rely only on exercise. If you don’t combine exercise with diet plan then you can forget about weight loss goal

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