How to win a girl’s Heart

How to win a girl’s heart: Girls know better how boys can win their hearts. So here are tips on how to win the heart of the girls that you have been spending sleepless nights, tossing on your beds, sweating away, leaving no stone un-turn to impress her but to no avail.

There are different types of woman and so different means to win a girl’s heart.

how to win a girl heart

There’s a saying and I believe it’s true that whatever be however you want your partner to be, that is how you should be, if you want your girl to be sincere, faithful and loyal you should be one.

May be its fate or life which gives us what we deserve at the end of the day. So make a picture of the girl you want as your girl and another picture of a boy who deserve to be the man of that girl you’ve pictured and you try to be the man.

Definitely, you’ll get a girl you really like one day.

Here are some of the few etiquette   suggested  by many  acclaimed gurus on how to woo a woman and win her heart. Interestingly, it has become the trademark of  many wannabe lovers.

1. Get a fancy, expensive car
2. Get a white colored job with huge salaries
3. Wear only expensive brand
4. Employ expensive perfumes
5. Blah blah blah

Like I’ve said you need different means to reach to different types of girls. The above mentioned are the shallow types of girls.

If a girl was impressed because of your car, job, perfume, clothes as the media so advertise these days, as you perfume, clothes or car wears off your relationship and you’ll bond with the girl die off.

This is one reason, in my opinion, many divorces are seen around us. What we consider love is too shallow, these days people can fall in love because of a car an expensive brand cloth or some sweetly coated words.

Love is so easy, so is hatred. The girl needs to fall deeply in love with you if you want a strong relationship. Many girls would want a man who is honest, sincere, loyal truthful loving etc.

How to win a girl heart truely

Every woman deserves a man with a golden heart

Here are some pointers to win the heart of some good deserving girls

  • Be yourself, acting to be something you’re not will never help in the long run. So just be your true self.
  • Be honest, girls and even boys can only trust people who are being very honest. To win a girl’s heart you need to gain her trust first.
  • Girls are known as the gentle sex or the weaker gender. Every single woman needs care and love. If you are very caring and loving to the girl you like before you realize you will already have her. Girls are melted so easily by caring and loving men.
  • Be truthful, if you want a truthful girl you be truthful. Don’t try to impress her with all ‘I did that’ ‘I am like this ‘I am like that’. Let your life/actions speak not your words. Your words will have no value if you aren’t truthful. Good girls like men whose have value.
  • Do not brag about yourself, I am sure most girls abhor  bragging, wise girls don’t trust men who brag about himself. Only Dim-witted girls will liable to fall for your bragging. So if you don’t want stupid girls don’t brag, it cheapens you.

How to win a girl’s heart by Emily Lanah

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