How to use more of your brain power

how to use your brain power

If you wondering how to use more of your brain power, in this article you’ll find some ways to use more of your brain percentage

Everyone has the same potential to use more brain power like Albert Einstein’s.

A human brain is the most powerful computer ever created. However, it does come with an operator’s manual. Therefore, learning and using more of your brain capacity at the most is the key to activate its colossal potential.

How to use more of your brain power

We live in a crazy world where our precious minutes can be distracted by a small thing or get stabbed by daydreaming. 

It is estimated that we all spend almost 50% of our waking lives in a state of mind wandering or head in the clouds.

If you are able to use your day dreaming intelligently, then it can make you even smarter, because, intelligence lies in the intersection between our inner world and the outer world.

You need to devote your energies to expands your horizons and to access maximum brain performance. A powerful brain is not just about willpower, but it’s also about commitment and hard work. 

Becoming more intelligence means, improving your connection between different neurons, and it takes a lot of energies to rewire the brain to work more efficiently.

To boost your brain power and to use more brain power, you need to develop a good habit and use your time effectively. No matter what your age is, you can still improve your brain power by training and performing brain exercise regularly.

The more you use your brain, the better it is. When you don’t use your brain, your intelligence will slowly deteriorate away.

From the day, we are born till the day we die, our brain continuously revises and remodels itself base on how we use them.

Most people believe that as we grow older, our brain begins to weaken. However, this is simply not true; your brain can be better and stronger at any age with the right stimulation.

The human brain is adaptable to grow a new brain cells and creating new synaptic connections throughout life. And this phenomenon is called plasticity or neuroplasticity

When you do something new repeatedly your brain actually wires up a new pathway that enable you to do this new thing faster and better.  

For instance, when you drive a car for the first time, you may feel nervous or scared to take control of your vehicle, but as you continue over and over again, you gain more confidence and it became easier for you.

You see, it was not the matter of strength, but it’s a matter of cultivating more and better neural pathways that would help you to drive your car more accurately with confidence.

Exercise to boost your brain power

Just like any other of your muscles in your body, your brain needs a regular exercise to stay fit and smart.  

As the area of the brain that controls thinking, learning and memory require a regular exercise. Exercise increases the size of fundamental parts of the brain.

Exercise can also be anything that you choose to take up, be it -Learning a new language, learning how to dance, painting, playing puzzle or anything. Exercise helps to stimulate the growth of your brain cells.

meditation for brain power

Meditation is the most effective way to boost your brain power

One of the most effective and the simplest ways of exercising your brain is meditation.

If you could able to devote at least 5 five minutes each day meditating. Your concentration power will be much better and will able to use more brain power.

Meditation can perform almost everywhere, simply close your eyes and pay attention to your breath, if your mind wanders away than try to bring back your attention to your breath.

When you inhale deeper there will be more oxygen in your blood and it will help you to relax better and enable to think clearer.

Meditation can help your mind to relax and make your brain more ready to do many kinds of mental task. According to a particular study, it reveals that seniors who walk regularly perform better on memory than those inactive people because this helps them relax their brain.

Play with your brain involving new activities; engage in friendly debate, master a new hobby. Read a challenging book.

The fresh information about what’s happening in our world that you acquire through reading and listening will make you smarter, braver, interesting and more resourceful.

Your brain is the controller of your life. It determines how you think and feel. Making active your brain will help to keep your brain tissues young and strong. When you do something new, your brain creates new neurons.

Eat for sharper brain

brain food

Eat fresh fruits to boost your brain power

We are what we eat, so also what we eat, affects how we think. Researchers say that eating a high-fructose diet over a long term can change your brain’s ability to learn and remember information.

High sugar diet may have a negative impact to your brain. It can impair synaptic activity and disrupt your ability to think clearly.

You may want to replace your diets, such as candy, soda, ice cream or any other high sugar food with a natural fruit.  Fruit can satisfy your sweet longings.

In one particular study, while conducting a test, comprising of almost 4000 children, it shows that kids who were given a traditional or a health conscious diet consistently scored better I Q test than those children who are fed with a highly processed food.

Try to include seafood or fish in your diet at least twice a week. Seafood contains omega 3s and 6s, which helps to improve blood flow to the brain, minimizing inflammation and boost your immune systems.

Laughing can be a good diet for your brain. It helps to break old patterns and reduce the stress. Laughing can quickly charge your brain batteries and can help to use your brain more effectively.


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