How to parent your children

How To Parent Your Children

Parenting is one of the most challenging, exciting, demanding and life-changing experiences in one’s life. It is the most decisive phase or turning point in one’s lives where he/she turns from being a child of the parents to a parent of the child.  

Being a parent is something an individual learns naturally, but being a good parent to our children is something we need to learn from external advice and by learning about good parenting tips.

There are many ways in which you could learn and equipped yourselves with good parenting methods. You could attain classes and lectures on good parenting, you could read good parenting books, you could seek advice and counsels from experts, etc.

This article is an attempt to put together some generalized basics guidelines on how to parent your children. It is important to remember that the task of raising a child has to be dynamic, ever changing and yet consistent as the child needs  different ways of attention and treatment in different stages of his life.

How to parent your children

Know your responsibility: Being a parent requires a great deal of changes in your lifestyle.  It means a considerable amount of sacrifices and compromises you have to make as a father or mother for your children. 

It means going out of your comfort zone that you have been living in until the last moment you just become a parent and putting your child’s need before yours.

The person a child becomes is characterized by the way he/she was raised. So accepting the role of a parent and getting ready for it, “yes! I’m a parent now and I’m up for it” is the first step to raising a child.

Make parenting your priority: Children in every stage need the utmost attention of their parents accordingly. Despite your professional engagement and busy schedules, It is a must to be physical present with the children as much as you can.  

Meeting every financial and material need of the children is not enough. But giving them maximum love, care, and support as parents or personalized service are the prerequisite requirement in the development of a child’s life.

Making time and spending time with a child is the first and important step to building a good relationship between children and parents. 

Make sure to let your children feel the joy, security, and contentment of having you as their parent. Remember the following basic and practical points as parents.

  • Read with your children, Play with them, hang out with, shop with them  and eat with them.
  • Never fight or quarrel in front of them. Do not indulge in adult activities in front of them.
  • Make them follow a strict routine for everything. The balance between fun time and study time.
  • Be a good listener to them simultaneously ask them questions on various concerns of life. It is very important to hear them out and egg them express of things around them.
  • Provide them all their needs and requirements but making them indulge in luxury and extravagance of life is not a very good thing in the real sense.
  • Make them do things that can help develop their skills, confidence and personality to mold them into smart kids.
  • Make yourself available and approachable. This requires you to be a friend, a playmate at the same time a parent. Make your children respect and awe you as a parent but don’t make yourself too formidable and fearful to be approached by children.
  • Be a strong role model for them. 

Ethical education:  Children are by nature selfish and self-centered.  Many parents tend to prioritize their own children’s happiness over their children concerns for others. 

The  fondness of one’s own children come first than anybody else and everyone wants to pamper his own child with all the possible love and care. 

But it is important to raise the kid in a way to let them that there are other children other than himself and others world beyond his where he has to eventually step into.

So It is important to make him learn how to love and share. Teaching a child how to share his toys and his sweets with his friends is one basic way to make him into a kind person. 

It is not a good idea to make false and unfulfilled promises for a child. Many parents tend to make unachievable promises for the kids just to get their temporary attention or lure them into doing something which they don’t want to.

But as the child grows up and realizing  that the promise of parents are never fulfilled, he will only  learned that his parents are liars and he will learn to speak lies. It is very important to make children understand  the things of zero tolerance they should not do.  

Pampering them too much and taking their sides in every good or bad thing they do will only egg on them to doing bad things. So it is okay to hide your children for wrong things they do.

Encourage them to keep up doing good things. Rewarding them is one way how to boost a child’s interest in doing good things. Giving special attention to their emotional need is very important.

Etiquettes:  Certain manners, courtesy, and etiquettes are required to be taught to children at their tender age.  Children become untamed, hyper or an introvert depending on how they were taught certain manners in childhood.

Therefore, it is very important to teach the children certain manners such as politeness in talking and other decent manners in conducting themselves with their friends and other people.


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