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The Secret of Longevity and healthy life

There are places on earth where almost every men and women live to be 100 years of age and people forgot to die.

It is virtually unusual if you don’t make it to 100 of age in these places. These places have been studied by scientists for quite a long time and have been given a name: “Blue Zones”.

Blue zones happen to exist only in a few places on earth i.e. The Island of Okinawa- Japan, Nicoya, Costa Rica Sardinia- Italy, Loma Linda- California, and Ikaria -Greece

There’s one motivation behind why these zones have been studied so much by the scientist.

One of the prime reasons is because people who live in Blue zone tend to live beyond 100 years.

Statistics reveals that numbers of people who are affected by dementia, heart issues, and depression are relatively low, almost negligible in these zones.

However, most of the westerners due to their Component lifestyle or  diet pattern, the risk factors for getting a chronic disease are alarmingly high, contributing a huge negative impact on the longevity and health issues.

These are the chief reason why many Americans suffer from a fraction of the health issues in their mid-30s, 40s, and 50s later.

According to American Heart Association and American stroke association nearly 787000 people in the US died from Heart Disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases in 2011 alone.  Experts claimed that chronic diseases are preventable to some degree by encouraging healthy lifestyle early in life.

In some blue zone communities like in Sardinians’ and Okinawans the cancer rates are very much negligible and fewer heart diseases and surprisingly dementia doesn’t even exist at all.

The researchers found out that the people living in blue zones shared almost a similar way of life qualities-

Common Lifestyle characteristics of Blue Zone people that contribute to their longevity-

 The Sardinians’ Secret

A beautiful landscape- costa Rica

A beautiful landscape-  Sardinia costa Rica-Italy

Sardinians’ live with an incredible personal satisfaction and quality life their whole lives. 

They took diet seriously; most of the Sardinian diets are rich in healthy nutrients, mostly prepared from fresh locally grown green vegetables and prepared with just olive oil and served with lemon, garlic, and other spices.

They have very strong diet and healthy lifestyle and smoking rate is relatively low. Their diet is also rich in proteins which they got directly from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk.

Studies shows that both sheep’s and goat milk lower bad cholesterol level and are anti- inflammatory which may act as a shield against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The dishes are usually a little bit of lamb, lean pork and oily fish joined by lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes  and a cup of glass wine is viewed as indispensable in Sardinian culture, while they serve only low sugary food and meat.

The Okinawans Secret

The Island of Okinawa- Japan,

The Island of Okinawa- Japan,

The island of Okinawa-Japan is the home of the longest-lived people and  longest disability-free life expectancy in the earth.

Okinawans centenarians have more people who live more than 100 years of age for each 100000 population than anyplace else in the world. Not only they age well but they are also energetic and had low rates of chronic diseases like heart diseases and cancer.

They have an average body mass index ranging from 18 to 22. They keep themselves physically active in a natural way under study for their role in healthy aging.

They have a lower level of free radicals in their blood; this is usually because they only eat fewer calories than the average person due to their cultural practice of eating until you are just 80% full known as Hara Hachi bu

Fewer calories mean fewer free radicals. Free radicals are made in the digestive process that is produced by unstable oxygen molecules. Fewer free radicals enhance the cardiovascular health and assure less risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses.

However, because of today’s ways of life and living, many of us are creating lots of free radicals for the normal body procedures to adapt to it.

Free Radicals can be produced in the body for various reasons such as exposure to stress, tobacco smoking, liquor, pesticides in foods, sun radiation, germs or fungi and etc.

The pleasant climate of the Mediterranean likewise helps in keeping Okinawans in good mood level, memory, and broadening cognitive style. Some people believe that it is the air that might link to longevity.

I believe that the healthy lifestyle and maintaining a good  social support network are the secret keys  to staying younger and increase the longevity.

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