How To Deal With Stress | Tips to Reduce Stress

How To Deal With Stress

Stress is the feeling of being under a pressure regarding emotions and physical attachment.

When you hear the word “Stress” each time, you automatically assume it to be something that drains your mind and energy leading to mental and physical breakdown due to common stressors as such, money problems, challenges, disappointments, rejection, relationships and others.

 What are stressors?

It is an agent that leads to frustration, disengagement and low sense of self-efficacy.

It is an agent that leads to frustration, disengagement and low sense of self-efficacy.

Stressors may be of unpleasant people, noises, fears, nervousness or say even getting to meet your crushes or texting them.

There are certain conditions as to which people who have experienced a whole lot of stressors tend to feel more stress than to people who often does not experience any sort of stressors.

Some of us have felt it, Right?

If you are not entirely sure whether you are stressed out


This common signs will help you figure it out.

The symptoms of stress

  • Loss of appetite
  • Sweating and sleepless hours
  • Sensitive about any problems related or not related to your own
  • Less concentration.

And one common sign we find is unable to attain the reality of comfort zone unless you assure yourself of what disturbs you. Right?

If you are able to tackle with a defining stability of presence of mind in your disturbances, then congratulations, you have passed the exam of handling stress, you have gone through the holes and has come back to fight it all over.

If, if you are unable to, then this few tips will help you.

I hope you are still on for it;

How To Deal With Stress

Indeed you have come to the right place to serve out your difficulties and defeat that string of confusion in your soul.

First and foremost thing I would love to make you try is, (this has been helpful for me my whole stressed out days, I dare you to try it.)

Relax in a cozy quite place,(oh, do not forget your iPod or Mp3 player with your headphone.); take a deep breath, close your eyes, think of what stressed you out, make yourself confident that you can fight it, meditate and Yes!!

  • Force yourself a smile though it may not entirely seem funny at that particular moment, a fake smile helps at least; 
  • Plug your headphone, listen to your favorite song, either be it a Rock or Soft song or any song that you can sing along with.
A song that makes your body move like Michael Jackson or whoever you know is good with – dance. This is quite helpful as in my personal perspective.



1:  some of us may not be quite into music, so physical attributes like swimming(immerse yourself in a cool pool makes your body mentally and physically chilled and fresh as though it washed your problems away; it’s beneficial for a healthy body as well, an activity in a form of exercise which helps you in case you have muscle cramps or joint pain.)

2:  Running by setting yourself a goal to reach before a particular time. This will help you to concentrate more on your own challenge 

Practice stretching and some outdoor games like football, badminton, kick – boxing; exercise regularly in order to keep yourself obsessed with your physical fitness.


3:  You know this feeling of being stoned to anger when someone told you to Relax and forget about the problems. Ridiculous. 

Well in this case,

Get yourself a good massage

✔ Drink coffee

✔ Watch a relaxing humorous movie

✔ Drink adequate amount of water at least 3-6 liters a day.

✔ Eating a healthy diet with a strong balanced meal a day and getting yourself obsessed with healthy breakfast (very important) like oatmeal, protein rich food like ham and some portion of fruits and green veggies.

✔ Carry some handy fruits wherever you go either in your purse, bags or pockets like gooseberry or almonds (best example I can give). 

✔ Try avoiding food that makes you lethargic or dull like sugary foods or oil-rich snacks and junk foods.

✔ Lavender is one important herb that is scientifically proven to produce calmness and soothing effects when its scent is inhaled and therefore used in various commercial products.

4:  Have your time with enough sleep in order to decompress your whole body mentally and physically.

Resting your eyes rests your mind, but never oversleeps.

Sleep for approximately 7-8 hours so as to boost a healthy mind for development and nourishment of the functioning of brain system and better thinking capacity.

5: Try reading humorous or romantic novels and funny stories, that way you produces yourself the sensitivity of laughter which in turn releases endorphins that enhanced your mood. It is also said that people who laugh more have a healthy and powerful way of enjoying life.

Try reading humorous or romantic novels and funny stories,

For people who is more practical, try dancing and moving your body as it helps to drain out the tanned muscles to work and activate the state of idleness and firmness of the body, make yourself useful with little things instead of just be like drowning in your own world of desertion and making yourself old with worries and pains.


6: Lastly, try associating with your friends and families by sharing your problems and difficulties, what has been troubling you and much more. Either way,they will assuredly try to give answers to your problems some of which you might perhaps agree or disagree.

  •  Learn to think positive (It’s hard to be that way in practical as it seems to be while saying so) but come on, try, there is nothing you cannot conquer if you try.
  •  Learn to listen to matters and compromise by reflecting your action and doubts with commitment
  • Never give up midway down the road, see it and endure it till the end. And I promise you love it being positive about life.
  • Do things that make you happy (without disturbing your neighbor) and make yourself busy with your hobbies as such cleaning your room, strolling for a walk, playing with your pets, singing karaoke , make your own foodies (who cares if people say you are a bad cook,you are your own master chef in the kitchen anyway and you yourself know you love what you cook.) 
  • Check out family albums and friends circle albums, reminiscent the good old days.
  • List out your problems and make yourself confident that you can make it right,that you are what you are today because you have faced all other difficulties since the time you were a child.
  • Express your anger and dissatisfaction through writing(very helpful)
  • Write it down, those words and emotions you do not want anyone to know,pour it out in your diary. It will absolutely reduce at least 45% of your worries and problems.

Yes, I Agree That Life Can Be Stressful

Yes, I Agree That Life Can Be Stressful

  • Face up,head straight; you are the answer to your own problems.
  • Stop worrying about things you cannot change.
  • Never deal with stress alone.
  • Contact health physicians if you are someone who depends on medical applications.
  • Life is beautiful.
  • Make the most out of it with smiles and content.
  • What you do is  reflections to some other people.
  • Be social and practical.

And that is the end of my article on how to deal with stress, I hope and believe that this article will really be helpful to you.
You may find discontent about my views but feel free to give feedback’s and criticisms.

What you think is really important to me in order to upgrade myself and will in turn serve as a source of common interests and enhancement to both you and me.

Please do not forget to post your views about it. 

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