How to cope stress and live positively

How to cope stressAlmost every one of us experiences stress at times. Every person responds to stress differently, so there may not be an exact solution or ways to cope with stress that fits for all.

From a different point of view, stress can be beneficial in one’s life because it helps to shape and develop news skills that needed to adapt throughout our life. It helps us to meet the daily challenges and stimulates us to reach our goal.

However, when the stress is severe enough and not able to take care of themselves or the family, its beneficial aspects fade away.

Coping with stress effectively is all about taking charge of your lifestyle, emotions, thoughts and also dealing with your problems wisely.

No matter how severe enough your stress is, there is always a prudent way to cope with stress and regain control.

The symptoms of stress can be like-

  • Feeling emotional
  • Loneliness, worthless and depressed
  • Nervous
  • Difficulty relaxing your mind
  • Having trouble sleeping, eating
  • Avoiding contact with others

Ways To Cope With Stress Effectively

The first step to cope with stress is by understanding the root causes of stress and by knowing how you handle when you face it.

Set Priorities:  Know your priorities and act on them. There are many people who normally caught up in a non-important thing and neglected the more priorities until it becomes too late to act on them.

You need to find out your priorities in the larger context of your life. List out your daily activities based on the urgency and important and deal with them accordingly.

This will help you decide what need to be done immediately and what you can wait. You don’t have to go through stress trying to remember what you should be doing.

Practice Facing Stressful Moments:  Analyze the event or situation that you expect to face and practice facing stressful moments.  If you are to give a public speech and you know that speaking in front of a group fear you, practice doing it.

Observe Your Expectations: You need to set a realistic goal. And it’s good that you push yourself to accomplish your goal.

However, you have to make it sure that your expectations are realistic and achievable. Be content with performing the best you can. Nobody is perfect.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it can be good teachers.

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle:  Engaging in healthy activities and following the right track and support can help you relieve your pressure and regain control of yourself. It can be like-

  • Implementing exercise regularly
  • Eating healthy diets
  • Taking time to rest and relax.
  • Learning a relaxing technique such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise.
  • Looking for something that you can enjoy your life. 

Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyle: There are many people when they undergo through stress they have a habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, drinking caffeine and using narcotics.  These are not the positive ways to cope with stress. Although it alleviates the tension or anxiety temporarily, in the long run, these can make you feel more depressed and anxious.
This is the reason why it’s important to know the recommended limit of the intakes of alcohol or avoid the unhealthy lifestyle completely for good.

Social Engagement:  Human in nature is a social being; social engagement can keep us feeling calm and safe.

Since our Vagus Nerves connects the brain to sensory receptors in the brain, ear, eyes, and heart.  The social engagement activities like making eyes contact, listening, talking and laughter can stimulate the vagus nerves and calm us down.



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