How Does Stress Induced Diabetes

How Does Stress Induced DiabetesAlmost every one of us goes through with stress in our daily life. Many times our mind reacts to a harmless event as though it was a real treat. For example, getting stuck in a traffic jam or taking a test. Stress is an unavoidable element of our life.

Stress can be caused by either physical factors (illness or injury) or by psychological factors like work issues, unresolved relationship problems, argument, bereavement or financial problems.

Many people face stress with their diabetic situation itself. They have high rates of anxiety and depression over this condition.

You need to deal and reduce your stress levels effectively, as stress induces diabetes. Stress acts as a big obstacle for the effective glucose control.  The long-term stress can spike up your blood sugar levels and increase the risk of diabetes.

How does stress cause diabetes

When you are under stress, your body takes action by responding to stress.  It raises a certain hormone called epinephrine and cortisol. These hormones are called stress hormone. Their main function is to increase the blood sugar in order to boost the energy when it is needed.

Both the physical and psychological stress factors prompted to raise these hormones, causing the blood sugar to increase in the bloodstream.

People without diabetes responded to high blood sugar by increasing the insulin levels. Their body has the mechanisms to keep blood sugar from swinging out of control.  This means they have the ability to use glucose as energy. However, it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

However, as in the case of people with diabetes, when the blood sugar increases, they may not have enough insulin to move the sugar into their cell.  As a result, it increases blood sugar level in the bloodstream.

Whether it’s a physical stress or psychological stress, diabetes and stress are interlinked with each other.

You may often experience weakness when you undergo through stressed. This is so because most of your energy is gone dealing with the stress factors.

Most people when they are facing stress, they adopted an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to ease their pain or distress, they may use alcohol, smoke or drugs.

Some people eat more or less than usual and stop exercising when they get stressed.

Learning how to manage stress can be very helpful to control your blood glucose effectively.

There are various ways to manage your stress, such as

  • Learning relaxation techniques
  • Learning how to respond to stress
  • Recognizing the thing that causes stress and avoiding them
  • Increasing the enjoyable activities in your life.
  • Developing a positive lifestyle

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