How Does Physical Activity Benefits Your Health

How Does Physical Activity Benefits Your Health

Physical activity for a healthy living! If “An idle’s man brain is a devil workshop,” don’t you also know that an idle body is a host to countless numbers of diseases?  Physical inactivity is one of the common risks that lead to the global high mortality rate.

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you must do to keep yourself healthy and free  from the devastation chronic disease.  What do you understand of physical activity then? Physical activity precisely means movement of the body that works your muscles and uses your energy.  

They include running, walking, workouts, weight-lifting, dancing, swimming, yoga, household chores performances, exercise, brisk walk, walking up the stairs, etc.  Generally, it means body movement that enhances health. Studies have proved that physical activity is not only important for weight management and keeping your health active and fit, but also to Whisk off several diseases from the body and provides physical health, emotional well-being, and achieving an overall condition of your life.

Sleeping in the comfort of your couch is such a dear thing to do especially when you are inactive and lazy. If you are ones who only eat and sleep and no play, just understand you are making your body a host of  uncalled diseases.

If you are experiencing some chronic health problems, maybe physical activities may do the magic on them which you never expected. So, I urge you to break that lethargy and sluggishness and get started with physical movements and see for yourself how physical activities can make a difference in your health,  in your life in fact!  

How Does Physical Activity Benefits Your Health

Weight loss and healthy weight: Physical activity is one of the secret keys to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight naturally.  A lethargic body and unused muscles and energy are one of the main culprits to gaining unwanted weight by causing the calories intake to excess calorie used and get them stored as fat in the body. Physical activity triggers the metabolic function to burn off fat.

Every physical movement requires using of calories therefore, physical movement burns off the calories that would be otherwise stored in the body as fat. It has a good and natural way to treat obesity and the best way to maintain healthy, lean body.

Cardiovascular disease:  Excess weight gain is closely associated with a high risk of Heart-related disease and cardiovascular disease.  Being active or physically active increase your blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, and control blood clotting factor and maintain a health of your blood vessels and oxygenation.

Physical movement helps maintain a healthy heart and thus reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and other heart-related diseases. It also strengthens your heart and helps it pump blood and deliver oxygen to your body and regulate proper blood circulation.

Healthy sleep: Sleep is the best natural food for your health. People who do physical activity fall sleep quickly and sleep for a longer time. Physical activity has a direct and positive impact on improving sleep quality it is found to prevent late midnight wake-ups and regulate different sleep stages and sleep cycles. So moderate to intense physical activity could be a natural solution to sleep problems such as insomnia.

Diabetes: Studies have proved that physical activity helps manage insulin levels and blood sugar in your body and is known to reduce the risk type 2 diabetes. Physical activity facilitates the hormone insulin absorb glucose into all your body’s cells for energy and prevent high blood glucose. Therefore, it is found to be the most effective natural treatment for diabetes.

Bones and Muscles: Physical activity which includes resistance training, weight bearing and weight-lifting activities strengthen both bones and muscles by causing them to hold against an applied force or get used to withstanding the applied weights.

Without physical activity, the body slowly loses strength, stamina and capacity to actively function well.  It also strengthens your body vigor and boosts your energy level and increases even sex drive and performance. Physical activity is also the best natural treatment for various joint and muscle ailments.

Mental and Emotional Health: Findings have proved that physical activity is directly associated with releasing of tension and anxiety hormones and managing stress and depression. While performing physical activity especially during exercise, the brain releases endorphins chemical that energizes your spirit and enhances your mood. It also distracts your mind from engrossing in negative thoughts. Physical activity is also found to have sharpened memory and improve cognitive power.

How to get started with physical activity?

How to get started with physical activity
By now, you know that physical activity has an immense health benefit and has multiple healing powers. Getting  started with it may be a difficult task because you don’t know how and you are not used to it especially if you are emotional down or haven’t done it for a long time. So here are some tips I’m listing down to help you get started with physical activity.

  • Making physical activity such as exercise, workout, yoga, walking, dancing, etc a social activity is very important. Start it with friends and family. So that it can motivate you to stick to it.
  • If you have a chronic disease, talk to your doctor about what type of physical activity and how much amount of it should be done.
  • Start it small, slowly and lightly and keep it within your body capacity. Eventually, you can increase the amount, duration, and intensity.
  • Set aside specific time for physical activity and incorporate into your daily routine. Make it a lifestyle or habit eventually.
  • Starting it off with something you love and are passionate about such as gardening, dancing, might help better.
  • Avoid overwork or overdoing physical activity especially in the initial period list you get injured and give it up. Allow time for your body for rest and recovery.
  • It is good to include different activities so that it target a different part of your body.
  • Make sure to incorporate proper diet and nutrition along with your physical activity.


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