Ginger Benefits | Medicinal Properties of Ginger

Ginger health benefit

Ginger is grown throughout the world and uses for different purposes. It is either used as a condiment for cooking or in tea as a flavour.

For centuries, ginger has been used for treating many infectious diseases like Diarrhoea, cold and cough, Constipation and indigestion and Dental problems, including joint pain and other related diseases.  

Ginger improves the health of a person because it contains amazing therapeutic properties like gingerol, shogaol, zingerone and citral, including antioxidant effect.

Diarrhoea–  Diarrhoea can be controlled, using a teaspoon of dried ginger juice added to warm water when consumed 2- 3 times a day.

Cold and cough– An effective way to control cold and cough is by using a ginger powder mixed with honey and ghee. You can also add a ginger oil or some  slice of a fresh ginger to a bowl of steaming water, which you can breathe in so that the sweet-smelling vapours can alleviate your sore throat, it usually gets better by the second day.

Constipation and indigestion– Ginger can help to relieve constipation and indigestion when consumed with a mixture of asafoetida and rock salt added to a glass of warm water.

Another method-  take one teaspoon of ginger juice and mix with one teaspoon of lemon juice and black salt and drink it with water.

It can help you relieve acid indigestion, especially after a heavy meal. 

Dental problems–  It can ease a painful toothache 

How to apply: First and foremost, use the salt water to wash away or kill the bacteria in your mouth (this might hurt a bit). Then slice the ginger and remove its skin cover and apply against the aching tooth.

Chew it slowly to swills its juice around the aching tooth and left there for about 10 minutes moving it around. After spitting out the juice, your pain will calm down.

AcheA paste or cream made of ground and water can be applied to the painful area, to relieve the body aches and neck pain.

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