First ever successful Ebola vaccine by University of Bern switzerland

Ebola vaccine

According  to the World Health Organization (WHO) published in both the Lancet and the BMJ, the first ever vaccine to control the outbreak of  the Ebola virus is proven to be successful, conducted in Guinea, west Africa. The test is designed by researchers from the university of Bern in Switzerland.

In the trial, a total of 90 rings were identified for evaluation by the researchers. The Participants were sanctioned into  two equal groups for the test.  The participants are the people who have been exposed or contacted with the Ebola virus diseases.The First group was randomly given to immediate vaccination with rVSV-ZEBOV  and another  group were vaccinated only after 21 days. The immediate vaccination groups, shows no symptoms or any cases of Ebola virus disease, even after about 10 days of randomization. Showing the 100% efficacy of the vaccines. However, there were 16 cases of Ebola  virus disease, whose vaccination were delayed.

Although the trails are still continuing, the result shows that its promising and  vaccine rVSV-ZEBOV can be used for preventing Ebola virus disease for further outbreaks of this viral disease.

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