First Date Tips for Women: Do’s and Dont

First Date Tips For Women

First date or first formal meeting is the most decisive and significant episode in every relationship. It is decisive because it decides whether you will have another date with him or not. 

In many cases, First date could be the last date as well. But if it turns out positive for both the parties.

A first date is the introductory rendezvous of your dates or precisely, the preface/prelude to the romance of your relationship. 

The tag of ‘first date’ always tends to give you a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness whether it be a blind date or date with someone you already knew…  

…Well, if you happen to find yourself browsing the net looking for tips on First date, I can feel exactly you are feeling at the moment.

I have been there too, several times! Different people may give different endless tips on do’s and don’t of the first rendezvous. But the guidelines I give here are basic, precise, selective and a must.

Tips on your outfits for First Date Tips for Women

Negotiating what to wear on a date could be a very fussing experience, after all, the bottom line is, you must look beautiful. You have to look beautiful for yourself so that you have self-confidence and you have to look beautiful for your date partner for reasons I don’t have to explain.

1: Dress beautifully and decently but don’t overdress yourself as if you are going to walk Hollywood red carpet. Make yourself comfortable in a not too shabby neither too dressy mode.

What you are wearing should convey that you respect him and that occasion with him and that it means a lot to you (your too damn care and too shabby appearance do not express that idea, right?).

An Overdressed situation may cause awkwardness and a sense misfit fashion for the occasion. But if you have envious assets like good boobs, good curves, and hips, you could wear something to show them off but not too revealing or you barely clad sort of outfit.

Semi-casual sort of dressing may be considered. It is always wise to have somebody look at you and give you honest feedback before you step out from your room.

2: Keep your makeup natural and neutral. Lipstick on your teeth, eyeliner smudging in the crease of your eyes, chopping foundation on your face, a green speck of veg. stuck on the teeth, etc are minors unasked condition.

So make sure you take required precaution not to let such make-up malfunction happen.( Look up for tips on how to prevent such make-up flaws).

Just look at yourself more than twice in the mirror before you leave your room It is advisable to always carry a tiny handy mirror and tissue paper/hanky.

3: A pleasant scent is a very effective key. When a good smelling stranger passes you by, you tend to look at him twice,” wow, what a smell!” so Put on a sweet and enticing perfume and let your smell linger on in him…

Avoid eating foul/strong smelling food on the day you have a date. Bad breath can really turn people off.  If you are not so confident with your breath, you can use mouth spray or other means to get rid of bad breath.

If you are not so confident with your breath, you can use mouth spray or other means to get rid of bad breath.


How To Present Yourself on Your First Date

First Date Tips For Women: Do’s And DontMost of the people would say, don’t fake, just be yourself but I want to say, fake a little bit and don’t show your negative aspect to him at least on this day. We all have both good and bad side of us.

So you have many remaining days to show your true self. So keep aside your bad side of you for some other days for him to explore. So present yourself in the way so that your flaw does not turn him off in the first meaning.

1: If you are nervous and if you sense that he notices your tension just admit it. You could just joke the fact and laugh it off like…
“I’m really nervous, john but it’s exciting and I love every bit of this moment.” Trying to conceal your nervousness will on intensify your tension.

2: Don’t be an excess chatterbox and never, never, never brag about yourself. Don’t be mum statue either. Be a good listener and be a woman who talks sense as required.

Don’t present yourself as a typical conservative, neither a too outgoing, slut-like woman.

Present yourself as an interesting/funny person who loves life. (And yes, remember the social etiquette not to ask a man how much he earns?)

3: Keep the conversation casual and lively. It doesn’t have to go too personal (I mean if both the parties are in the mood to talk about it and if the flow is good, then that’s alright).

Not many people wanted to be grilled on the first date. Just talk about the two of you. Avoid excessive talk about religious matter and political matter because if you have a different opinion, the conversation could land up as a heated argument.

4: If you already like the guy, let your eyes tell him so. But if your date turns out to be a disappointment, act neutral and don’t show him that you hate him already. it will hurt him.

Don’t spoil your date environment yet. When the date is over, you will know what to do.

5:  Keep yourself pricy, dignified and approachable but not too proud and arrogant.

Physical Contact

Physical contact on the first date Physical contact on the first date depends entirely on the concerned individuals’ choice.

But making out with and making love to a person who you barely know may not be that fun and comfortable.

If you are on an arranged date with a man, that means he is not a random hook-up, you want to know him.

 So, I suggest you invest your quality time on knowing each other emotionally rather than on physical rapport on the first date.

If you both are in the atmosphere to make out, go ahead! But hold on, Sex on the first date can leave many people in regretful mood that they have jumped into that thing a little too early. It can go really flop I’m telling you. So limiting your contact to making out would be a more prudent choice.

 Additional tips  for First Date Tips for Women
  • Don’t expect your date to take you to over expensive place. Expectation hurts!
  • Don’t let him pamper you too much or shower too expensive gifts on you lest you feel a sense of uneasy feeling “It’s our first date, isn’t he doing too much for me, already?”
  • If he takes you out over dinner, ‘bill-etiquettes’ like “shall I pay/oh, I can pay” or “come on, we can split half ways” are polite things to say.
  • Don’t keep your stomach empty lest your drumming stomach makes you blush and uneasy.
  • Don’t get drunk. Getting drunk on the first date can really screw things up.


First Date Tips for Women is contributed By Esther


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