ED Dysfunction Treatment-Harder Erection

ED Dysfunction Treatment-Harder Erection

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to maintain an erection during sexual activity. It usually becomes more common as they grow old.

According to National Institutes of Health, ED affects more than 30 million men in the United States Alone.

It is estimated that about 5% of men in their 40s are affected by ED and 15-25% of men by the age 65.

Male dysfunction affects as many as 52% of men between the age of 40 and 70 at some point time. ( 1 )

Presently, ED dysfunction treatment has several options and has improved in recent years.

Treatment of ED includes- psychotherapy, vacuum devices, surgery, and drug therapy.

This subject still remains taboo in the public sphere and it is a source of great anxiety, stress, and depression for men all over the world.

However, the truth of erectile dysfunction and its treatment has been assessed scientifically.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

To triumph a strong erection and sustain for sexual intercourse, the penis requires both adequate inflow of blood and a slowing of blood outflow.

Most cases of ED are due to the narrowing of the arteries and decrease of blood flow.

The disorders can be caused by various medical reasons such as atherosclerosis, blood clot, diabetes or even surgery on the blood vessels.

Another potential cause for ED is Neurological damage. Nerves should function normally for men to maintain an erection.

These damages could result from certain surgery, spinal disease, diabetes, peripheral nerve disorders, stroke, or even from alcohol and drugs.

Sometimes, a hormonal disturbance like low testosterone level can contribute to the sexual problems.

Many drugs could also negatively affect your sexual performance.

Some of which includes antihypertensive, some sedatives, lithium, cimetidine, digoxin, antidepressants and antipsychotics etc.

The psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, and fear of intimacy can reduce the ability to get an erection or stay erect longer. This problem is more common in younger men.

There are many other factors that can cause difficulties in getting erection such as illness, fatigue, and stress.

Holistic Treatment for ED

Holistic Treatment for ED

Testosterone Supplement Treatment

As men age, it is natural to decline testosterone levels. At the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels start to decline with an average of 1 to 2% per year. The rate of decline can vary from person to person.

The decline in testosterone is colloquially known as male Menopause or Andropause.

Low testosterone levels are usually linked with aging, including decreased muscles mass, low libido, increased abdominal fat, thin bones that easily fracture and low energy level.

Many men who experience declined in sex drive consider taking testosterone supplements.

However, this is only helpful for men when the body can’t produce enough testosterone on its own.

Drugs Treatments (Medication for ED Dysfunction)

Medication for ED Dysfunction

If you consider taking medication to treat erectile dysfunction then there are many ED treatment drugs to helped you getting an erection.

These drugs function by increasing blood flow to the penis.  Some of such drugs are-

Sildenafil ( Viagra)

Sildenafil sold as Viagra is a medication used to treat impotence.

This drug is usually taken by mouth, it will increase the rigidity of erection within 30 to 60 minutes. It can help you to last erection for about 10 to 30 minutes.

Sildenafil works only when a man is sexually excited or aroused.

This drug is one of the most commercially successful drugs ever launched and regarded as the best ED pills for men.

However, it can come with side effects like headaches, upset stomach, runny nose, and even vision problems.

It can also accompany with more serious side effects including low blood pressure when taken with certain other drugs such as nitroglycerin or amyl nitrite.


Phentolamine is also sometimes suggested for treating low sex drive but it is less effective than Sildenafil (Viagra).


Yohimbe is prescribed for men whose erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors.

It works by dilating blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis area. It is not recommended for a person who has a history of heart problem, kidney problem, liver disease or high blood pressure.

When The Ed Medication  doesn’t work

If prescribed drugs don’t work , then some drugs or device can be injected or inserted into the penis.

Alprostadil Treatment

The injectable Alprostadil, in the form of a pellet, which can be directly inserted into the penis through the urethra.

Alprostadil is controlled by inserting the applicator stem into the urethra after urination.

Some patients could not tolerate alprostadil mostly because of penile pain (2)

Alprostadil is more effective when combined with other treatments such as binding device.

This treatment may cause light-headedness, a burning sensation of the penis and a prolonged painful erection.

Vacuum Constriction Devices

The Vacuum constriction devices are usually regarded as safe. It is one of the least expensive treatments for erectile dysfunction.

The positive point about this treatment is that it enables   a man to avoid the side effects that can occur with drugs treatment.

However, the devices can cause severe bleeding in men who are taking blood- thinning drugs and those with bleeding disorders.

The constriction device should not be left in place longer than 30 minutes.

It can come in the form of bands, rings made of metal, rubber or leather.

The device is normally placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection by slowing the outflow of blood.

Surgical Treatment

When the other treatment does not respond or tolerate to any oral drugs then devices that mimics an erection can be surgically implanted in the penis.

There are various types of surgical treatment, using prosthetic devices.

One of the most popular prosthetic treatments consists of a firm and bendable rods that are inserted into the penis to create a permanently hard penis.

Sex Therapy: The Sensate Focus Technique

Sex Therapy: The Sensate Focus Technique

Sensate focus technique is a type of sex therapy, which involves giving each other pleasure through a series of exercises intended to rejuvenate their sex life.

This technique may only help a couple with psychological factors rather than physical factors.

The objective of this technique is to induce sexual pleasure and reduce anxiety about the intercourse.

It is often used to treat the sexual desire disorders, decreased libido, orgasmic disorder and erectile dysfunction.

The sex therapy usually consists of three steps. Before proceeding to the step, both the partner must become comfortable and happy at each level of intimacy.

First step:

A sensation is the first step in the process, allowing you to feel the sensation of touching.

The couple takes a time to touch each other part body, except the genitals and breast.

Second step:

The second stage increases the touching option; it allows touching any part of each other body, which includes the genitals and breast.

However, the aims remain the same with the first step- the sensation of touching, without having intercourse.

Third step:

The final step involves mutual sexual stimulation by touching each other and ultimately leading to sexual intercourse as the touching start to last longer and becomes more intimate with touching.

The sex therapy focuses on the process of sexual enjoyment rather than on orgasm as a happy couple.

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