Deficiency of vitamin D can make young women depressed

Women with depression

A new study published in Psychiatry Research, lead by  Dr. David Kerr at Oregon State University has revealed that there exist a positive correlation between  depression and low levels of vitamin D in  a healthy young woman. According to a study, Young woman with deficiency of vitamin D is more likely to have clinically significant depressive symptoms.

“This is because the amount of Vitamin D in a typical diet is often too low to make up for a lack  of sun exposures” Said David Kerr

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for good bone health and muscle function. Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin because our body produces it when exposed to sunlight. If you are not spending enough time in the sun then you may not absorb enough of them.  Vitamin D can also be found in salmon, Tuna(flesh of the fish), mushrooms, egg yolk etc.

The study included 185 college students,  all women  aged 18-25. The Researchers measured their Vitamin D levels from blood samples and each participant completed a weekly depression symptoms survey for 5 weeks.   Overall, more than third of the participants reported clinically significant depressive symptoms each week during the study. The study indicated that a deficiency of vitamin D causes  depression in a young woman.

However, the result of the experiment does not give us the solid proof that deficiency of  vitamin D causes depression.

The symptoms of depression can come in a different way. Some of which are-Loss of interest in life and can’t find  happiness in anything, feeling tired, loss of confidence and self-esteem.

*note: If you are experiencing depression instead of considering taking vitamin D, speak to your physician for  treatment and taking supplements

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