Celery Health Benefits | Celery Amazing Facts

Celery health benefits

The scientific name for celery plant is called Apium graveolens and it belongs to the family of Apiaceae plant. 

I’m writing this article exclusively on celery because this vegetable which is not as well known as its other counterparts such as spinach or lettuce.  

However, Celery health benefits are tremendous, it has high multiple health benefits and medicinal values. Celery has great healing power.  

Out of many health benefits foods, celery is one of the vegetables that stand above the rest when it comes to fighting diseases in the body.

Fresh Celery plant has a very strong aromatic flavor and its taste may turn many people away but you can go for its seed if you find that the flavor of its fresh plant is not your taste.  

Once you get to know about its beneficial value, you will surely add this vegetable to your favorite daily menu. 

Many people use only celery stalk and throw away the leaves, but its leaves are equally good as its celery stalk health benefits. So never throw way celery leaves.

Celery is proved to give multiple body benefits to providing healthy skin to increasing cognitive power.

Some Proven Celery health Benefits Are Listed Below

Anti-inflammation: Celery contains rich anti-inflammatory properties. Polyacetylene present in celery is an effective agent to fight against inflammation.

Adding celery to your daily diet has a lot of health benefits of celery for those who have joint pains, lung infections, gout, bronchitis, bladder infection and asthma can be very beneficial.

Celery seeds are proved to give effective treatment for UTIs (Urinary tract infections).

Antioxidant: More than a dozen of antioxidant nutrients are found in celery. Celery greatly strengthens immunity and is packed with compounds that fight various bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

It can also promote a healthy kidney as it eliminates toxins in the stomach thus preventing a formation of kidney stones and keeping away various stomach ailments.

Bad breath: Celery is aptly called by people as an edible toothbrush. It’s crunchy and rough texture helps scrub bacteria from the tongue and its rich natural fiber helps in cleaning the teeth.

The fiber in celery can help in the increased production of saliva that washes away food particles which build up a bacteria-laden film on teeth.

Acidity: celery is an effective remedy for heartburn. The mineral present in this plant efficiently regulates the body’s blood pH, neutralizing acidity.

So, It is highly recommended veggie for people who suffer from acid reflux. Studies have proved that intake of celery reduce the risk of gastritis and stomach ulcers as its flavonoids prevent the growth of undesirable gut bacteria that cause inflammation in the stomach.

Cancer: Celery is included among the best cancer-fighting food. Studies have proved that celery contains multiple anti-cancer compounds and is effective in fighting various type of cancer. 

 It is believed that agents present in celery can prevent multiplying of cancer cells and prevent free radicals from damaging the body cells. Flavonoids in celery are proved to be a potent cancer-fighting agent.

Digestion: celery contains both soluble and insoluble fiber required by our body. Regular intake of celery leaves gives good digestion and keeps your bowel healthy as it can regulate bowel movements.

As an effective detoxifying agent, it can help clear the colon of any excess or toxic buildup which causes various stomach problems. 

Therefore, celery helps in preventing stomach problems such as constipation, bloating or diarrhea. Eat celery regularly for healthy digestive system.

Lower cholesterol: celery is very rich in dietary fiber and low in calories. It lowers cholesterol and provides elasticity of the arteries which prevent cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and other heart-related problems. Intake of celery is a must for maintaining a healthy heart.

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