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Tips on Staying Healthy, Happy and Fit Throughout The Year

Tips on Staying Healthy and Fit Throughout The Year

Health is the greatest of all wealth, the most expense and treasured possession of man. It is the divine gift of nature.

Why Do People Want To Have Sex?

Why do people want to have sex

Your partner may come up with strings of excuses like” honey, it’s too early or not tonight babe, I have a___”  But, how many reasons can the two of you name for wanting to have sex?  

Five? Ten? Or hundred? Some college students have provided as many as 237 different reasons to have sex, ranging from pleasure to procreation.

10 Ways To Deal With Death Of a Loved One

ays To Deal With Death Of A Loved One

Life’s promises are the most unpredictable thing on earth.  Sometimes life blesses you with a clear blue sky with beautiful sunshine in the morning only to let you experience the dark terrifying storms in the afternoon.  But that’s the reality of life.

 Life’s tragedies happen to everyone but the meaning of ‘tragedy’ differs according to an individual on how different people look at life and define their own perception of reality. 

A Canary security install in a kitchen captured a hysterical moment!

Life with cats

A YouTuber Jeremy Husted was making himself dinner, he left a plate of chicken on the table.

Suddenly, a cat sneaking around the top of the cabinet jumped onto his chicken pot that was about to put into the oven. Leaving him an agitated moment that make him to said like…

A Scottish kid eats the world hottest chili on Camera

A Scottish kid eats the world hottest chili pepper on Camera

A Nine-year-old YouTuber Pikachu the Pokemon decided to do something unique and dangerous to increase his Youtube subscribers  on camera, but it didn’t go so well for him.

Carolina Reaper Pepper  is currently ranked as the world  hottest pepper in the world by Guinness World Records.