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Why Do People Want To Have Sex?

Why do people want to have sex

Your partner may come up with strings of excuses like” honey, it’s too early or not tonight babe, I have a___”  But, how many reasons can the two of you name for wanting to have sex?  

Five? Ten? Or hundred? Some college students have provided as many as 237 different reasons to have sex, ranging from pleasure to procreation.

Text your Ex Back by Michael Fiore A comprehensive Review

Text your Ex Back

Text your Ex Back is a step by step guide and implementation manual, designed for love stricken victims.

Taking into account my own personal experience and research on human psychology, this system gives the splendid tips on the most proficient method to trigger the already faded away love & feeling and revive the spark of your relationship utilizing a step by step formula.

How To Cope With A Break Up| Coping With Painful Feelings

How to cope with a break up

Looking for tips  on how to cope with a breakout? Here are some helpful tips on coping up with break out and cure your broken heart.

“He seems happy, he has moved on as if you never existed in this world. Perhaps, he has even got a new love and he is moving on, smiling, oblivious of your existence, giving his newly found girlfriend the same love or even more love he once gave you. But how could you even bear the thought of him being with somebody else? Look at you! You are still stuck at the point where he left you, unable to take a step further from that point.”

How to Make Him Want You More and More

How to Make Him Want You More

Making him want you more

This article will teach you how to make him want you more and obsess about you and make him miss you more and more.

There are share of contributions both the concerned lovers have to make in their own parts in every relationship. “I love you for who you are” but “I hate you for what you do” are two paradoxical things feeling many people experience in relationship.  “I’m so much in love with my girlfriend.  She is my bottomless pit; I keep falling for her over and over again. I just love everything about her and everything she does” said an ardent lover, a friend of mine. I joked that he is been blinded and his reason is impaired and that she is very lucky but I’m sure she must be doing her part well to be the ‘bottomless pit’ of her lover. 

8 Ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you

signs of unfaithful boyfriend

Looking for a signs of unfaithful boyfriend? Well, this article will help you find some of the signs of unfaithful boyfriend and Ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

12 Little Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

12 Rules for a perfect relationship

                                12 Little Things You Can Do To Improve Relationship

Is there that thing called a perfect relationship? I doubt so because firstly, there is no perfection in a human being and secondly, the idea of a perfect relationship differs from person to person. 

How to win a girl’s Heart

How to win a girl’s heart: Girls know better how boys can win their hearts. So here are tips on how to win the heart of the girls that you have been spending sleepless nights, tossing on your beds, sweating away, leaving no stone un-turn to impress her but to no avail.

There are different types of woman and so different means to win a girl’s heart.

The Lovetraction Lines| Honest and Comprehensive Review

Simone Myers lovetraction book review

Read my comprehensive love traction lines review before you decide to buy this product, it will help you find out what’s inside and if it will suit your needs.  

This guidebook is generally meant for a woman who is sincerely looking for more prominent love, attention and appreciation from a man or boyfriend.