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10 Ways To Deal With Death Of a Loved One

ays To Deal With Death Of A Loved One

Life’s promises are the most unpredictable thing on earth.  Sometimes life blesses you with a clear blue sky with beautiful sunshine in the morning only to let you experience the dark terrifying storms in the afternoon.  But that’s the reality of life.

 Life’s tragedies happen to everyone but the meaning of ‘tragedy’ differs according to an individual on how different people look at life and define their own perception of reality. 

How to parent your children

How To Parent Your Children

Parenting is one of the most challenging, exciting, demanding and life-changing experiences in one’s life. It is the most decisive phase or turning point in one’s lives where he/she turns from being a child of the parents to a parent of the child.  

Being a parent is something an individual learns naturally, but being a good parent to our children is something we need to learn from external advice and by learning about good parenting tips.

The Role Of Mother And Father In A Family|Positive Parenting

The Role Of Mother And Father In A Family

How many children should you have in your family? Certainly, no more than you can afford to nourish and educate. The ideal family should have at least two or three children.