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Are You Really Listening

Are You Really Listening

Have you ever felt that people rarely listen to the way you want them to listen to you?
Ever came a
cross where people get distracted but pretended to listen, when you are sure their minds are miles away?

Being Filled With the Holy Spirit

Being Filled With The Holy Spirit

Sometimes our understanding of being filled with the Holy Spirit is limited to only a few renowned/ popular Christian workers and those who claim to have the gift of prophecy, vision, healing, miracle performer etc.

But I want to go beyond that understanding and look into the world of God for our better understanding.

There are several passages which talk about the filling or controlling by the Holy Spirit.

What On Earth Am I Here For?

What On Earth Am I Here For?

Everyone begin their career with different ambitions according to their likings and desires. Do you realize what you are good at or rely on something that comes naturally?

Eventually, we fall into that career of life doing what we are good at or something that comes naturally.

The Meaning of Life- Finding a Purpose in Life

The Meaning Of Life- The Purpose Of Life

This article is about finding the true meaning of life.  Finding the purpose of life is a challenge that we all have to go through.  It is something that we are all going to approach differently.

We all know that nothing is permanent. Nothing belongs to us. Even the air we inhale must be exhaled. Even we ourselves are not here in this world forever.