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How To Increase Memory Power

how to increase memory power

Our  memory  doesn’t   operate   like   an   electronic  data  bank  or  a  magnetic  tape  which   take   in  information  until   the available  capacity  is  fully  occupied  or  the   storage  process  is  stopped. It is  certain that we store  only a very  small   parts of the events  of which we are conscious   and   we   often  tend   to  forget  most  of the  information  that   we once stored.  Our  brain  weights  only  2%  of  our  total  body  yet  it  consumes  20%  of  our  calories  intake  making  the  most  energy  consuming  organ.

The great brain secret review

the great brain secret review

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The great brain secret review

The Great Brain Secret depicts that it’s not uncommon for an older people to forget names of someone or misplace things from time to time, as this kind of forgetfulness is a normal part of aging.

However, when they confused about a way to go home or being confused about people whom they knew well or forgetting the name of common things like as table, pen, house or etc. it can be a sign of a serious problem such as mild cognitive impairment, dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease.

Slash your High Blood Pressure and Drop It To Safer levels Review

Slash Your High Blood Pressure review

High blood pressure(Hypertension) is often called as the silent killer, simply because most people are not aware that they have this medical condition. It can go on for years without any symptoms.

According to a particular study, it is estimated that out of 50 million Americans with high blood pressure, only about 30 million of them are diagnosed.

The remaining 20 million Americans are not aware until the need arises to see a doctor for  certain problems such as a stroke, heart attack, kidney failure or other problems that may or not have to do with high blood pressure.

High blood pressure doesn’t just happen. There is a cause, if you can follow the right direction and eliminate the root cause then you can get off of medication and get your blood pressure down.

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3 Easy Step To Relax Your Hip Flexors

Hip Flexors

The hip flexor is a muscle which helps to lift your knees and bend at the waist. These muscles are found  deep inside the abdominal cavity and they are known to be the strongest in the body.  

You put a great deal of weight on your hip flexors when you kick or sprint. That is the reason why many athletes, particularly runners, soccer player and martial artists are especially inclined to hip flexor injuries that result in hip flexor pain.

Beware: Millions of fake condoms circulating in the country!

condoms for safe sex

Next time when you buy a condom, make it sure that you go for a brand that you trust and purchase it from  leading pharmaceutical store. Otherwise, you can end up in a trouble.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are safe from a fake condom. There are many  reasons  why you should worry, particularly, for the people who  depend on a condom for safety.

How Spicy food can save your life from early death

How spicy food can save your life

Spicy food can make you have a feeling that your mouth is on fire and cause you to sweat profoundly. However, a particular study proposed that spices could play  a noticeable part in human health, that frequent eating of spicy food could likewise bring down the risk of death from particular conditions.

First ever successful Ebola vaccine by University of Bern switzerland

Ebola vaccine

According  to the World Health Organization (WHO) published in both the Lancet and the BMJ, the first ever vaccine to control the outbreak of  the Ebola virus is proven to be successful, conducted in Guinea, west Africa. The test is designed by researchers from the university of Bern in Switzerland.

How to use more of your brain power

how to use your brain power

If you wondering how to use more of your brain power, in this article you’ll find some ways to use more of your brain percentage

Everyone has the same potential to use more brain power like Albert Einstein’s.

A human brain is the most powerful computer ever created. However, it does come with an operator’s manual. Therefore, learning and using more of your brain capacity at the most is the key to activate its colossal potential.