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An Egg A Day Can Keep Heart Disease Away | Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

An Egg A Day Can Keep Heart Disease Away

During the study, researchers found that eating about an egg a day related to a lower risk of heart disease compared with not eating eggs.

A new study conducted in China finds that eating an egg a day may lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Goodbye Clutter program by Maria Gracia review

GoodBye Clutter by Maria Gracia

GoodBye Clutter is a guidebook on how to change our lives by eliminating the unnecessary thing so that we can focus on what really matters in our lives.

It is also designed to help you de-clutter and simplify your home.

How Fasting Can Improve Your Overall Health

How Fasting Can Improve Your Overall Health

Fasting may not be just a religious or political practice. It may actually protect you against age-related diseases and improve your overall health, researchers say.

Can You Reverse Fatty Liver Disease? Know How; These Foods Should Be Avoided To Cure A Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is the fastest growing medical condition in the world right now,

Fatty liver disease damages the liver, preventing it from removing toxins from the body. It also prevents the liver to produce bile for the digestive system.

What is fatty liver disease? As the name suggests, the disease is concerned with the liver.

The disease damages the liver, preventing it from removing toxins from the body. It also prevents the liver to produce bile for the digestive system.

When these functions are not performed properly, the risk of developing other problems becomes higher.

There are two types of fatty liver disease: alcoholic liver disease and non-alcoholic liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease is caused due to excessive intake of alcohol.

Don’t Ignore Your Liver!

On the other hand non-alcoholic liver disease is likely to develop in people who are obese, suffering from diabetes, people who have high cholesterol or aged people. However, a proper diet plan can help cure fatty liver disease easily.

Eliminate these foods from your diet if you want to cure fatty liver disease:

1. Sugar and added sugars:

Foods which have added sugars can lead to type 2 diabetes and increase the accumulation of fat in the liver. The foods include candy, pastries, ice cream, cupcakes and sweetened beverages. Added sugars are also found in packaged foods and baked goods. Try avoiding these sugars, such as fructose and corn syrup, as they can be harmful for your liver.

2. Refined grains:

Refined grains such as white rice, white bread and white pasta should be eliminated from your diet. These grains undergo the process where the fiber content of the grains is removed. You can substitute them with healthy alternatives like brown rice, oatmeal, pseudo grains and legumes.

3. Fatty foods:

Fatty, high-calorie foods should be eliminated from your diet as they are unhealthy and have no nutritional value. These foods includes chips; French fries; fatty meats like bacon, beef, salamis, sausages, baked goods; and many packaged or processed foods, cheese sauces; whole milk; butter; sour cream, ice creams, and lard. You should stop eating these foods and instead opt for some healthy foods like eggs, oatmeal, yoghurt or nuts.

4. Meat:

Not all meats but processed meat and beef, pork, are all high in saturated fats. These fats should be avoided by people with fatty liver disease. Lean meats, fish, tofu, soya or tempeh make good substitutions, but wild, oily fish are some of the healthy alternatives.

5. Fried foods:

Excessive intake of fried or salty food may increase calories and the risk of weight gain. Also, oily foods could have a negative impact on your liver and overall health. You could some herbs or spices to enhance the flavour of the foods. These include lemon, vinegar, pepper or oregano. Also, instead of deep fried foods you can usually be baked or steamed your food.

6. Alcohol:

Yet another reason to limit the intake of alcohol. Alcohol is the primary risk factor for people with fatty liver disease. Alcohol affects the liver, contributing to fatty liver disease and other liver ailments, such as cirrhosis. A person with fatty liver disease should reduce or eliminate alcohol from their diet.


Tips on Staying Healthy, Happy and Fit Throughout The Year

Tips on Staying Healthy and Fit Throughout The Year

Health is the greatest of all wealth, the most expense and treasured possession of man. It is the divine gift of nature.

Don’t Throw Away Your Fruits and Vegetables Peels! Here’s why!

peeling of fruits and vegetables! Here’s why

Did you know that the peel of the fruit is often more nutritious than the flesh itself?

Most people don’t know that almost half of the nutrients are contain in the peel itself.

Nano Towel Review| Do They Really Work?

nano towel

Nano Towel is a recently launched product that employs new fabric technology which uses nothing by water.  It is specially designed to replace the paper towels and any chemical cleaners. Aiming to provide eco-friendly and avoid toxic chemical that we are exposed to in our daily lives.

How to improve memory

How To Improve Memory

Our memory is not permanent. It is constant beyond a certain life stage. It is embarrassing and troubling when memory lapse occurs.

Forgetfulness is exceptionally normal in our lives. It is believed that brain function peaked during early adulthood and then gradually declined, leading to brain fog during our golden years.