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Tips on Staying Healthy, Happy and Fit Throughout The Year

Tips on Staying Healthy and Fit Throughout The Year

Health is the greatest of all wealth, the most expense and treasured possession of man. It is the divine gift of nature.

Don’t Throw Away Your Fruits and Vegetables Peels! Here’s why!

peeling of fruits and vegetables! Here’s why

Did you know that the peel of the fruit is often more nutritious than the flesh itself?

Most people don’t know that almost half of the nutrients are contain in the peel itself.

Nano Towel Review| Do They Really Work?

nano towel

Nano Towel is a recently launched product that employs new fabric technology which uses nothing by water.  It is specially designed to replace the paper towels and any chemical cleaners. Aiming to provide eco-friendly and avoid toxic chemical that we are exposed to in our daily lives.

How to improve memory

How To Improve Memory

Our memory is not permanent. It is constant beyond a certain life stage. It is embarrassing and troubling when memory lapse occurs.

Forgetfulness is exceptionally normal in our lives. It is believed that brain function peaked during early adulthood and then gradually declined, leading to brain fog during our golden years.

Goodbye Clutter program by Maria Gracia review

GoodBye Clutter by Maria Gracia

GoodBye Clutter is a guidebook on how to change our lives by eliminating the unnecessary thing so that we can focus on what really matters in our lives.

It is also designed to help you de-clutter and simplify your home.

Why am I craving sweets?| Four Types of Sugar Addiction

Why am I craving sweets

Are you wondering like why am I craving sweets all of sudden? Or why am I so hungry? In this article, Dr.Teitelbaum explains four types of sugar addiction and how to break them. 

How much does an abortion cost?

How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion can range from hundred to several thousand dollars, depending upon numbers of factors.

The first factor to ponder upon is- how far along you are in your pregnancy? or which stage of pregnancy you are in? The second factor is whether you are going to doctor’s office, clinic or hospital.

There are different types of abortion and the method of abortion is base on  how long you are pregnant. Your pregnancy is calculated by counting the number of weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP)

How to Live 100 years |Blue Zones Secret

The Secret of Longevity and healthy life

There are places on earth where almost every men and women live to be 100 years of age and people forgot to die.

It is virtually unusual if you don’t make it to 100 of age in these places. These places have been studied by scientists for quite a long time and have been given a name: “Blue Zones”.

Blue zones happen to exist only in a few places on earth i.e. The Island of Okinawa- Japan, Nicoya, Costa Rica Sardinia- Italy, Loma Linda- California, and Ikaria -Greece