Can Chocolate Help Prevent Diabetes and Heart Diseases?

Chocolate help prevent Diabetes and heart Diseases

For many people who are on the quest to weight loss can see chocolate as an enemy as they are high in fat and sugar.

However, Studies are increasing showing that a moderate consumption of chocolate can significantly lower the risk of diabetes and heart diseases and can actually help us stay slim.

According to the latest research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, a small consumption of chocolates a day could help you prevent type 2 diabetes and reduced the risk factor to cardiovascular disease.

Dark chocolate is loaded with decent amount of beneficial nutrients called antioxidants, especially flavonoids which prevent or delay some types of cell damage. (1 )

The result was established using the data collected from participants of 1,153 from 18-69 aged. The study was conducted at Luxembourg Institute of Health, who were part of the observation of cardiovascular risk.  

In the study, the participants were compared with those who eat chocolate every day and who didn’t. Those who ate 100g of dark chocolate a day equivalent to a bar- were found to have reduced insulin resistance and improve liver enzymes levels.

The finding remained after accounting for participant’s age, sex, education, lifestyle factors and also the dietary factors that could possibly affect the results.

The Dietary factors include the consumption of polyphenol rich foods; typically a cup of tea or coffee, which the researchers say have the prospective to outgrowth chocolate’s benefits for cardio metabolic treat.

Cardio metabolic refers to your chances of having either a diabetes and heart disease or stroke.

The researchers also found out that participants who ate chocolate were more physically active, younger and more educated than those who did not eat chocolate. 

Can dark chocolate be included for healthy balanced diet?

There is good news about chocolate lovers. Eating chocolate in moderation can be a part of a healthy balanced diet, said Prof. Stranges.

For new research has shown that Chocolate not only taste good but it is also beneficial for your health overall, which includes, Lowering your Blood pressure, keeping your skin smoother,  reducing risk of developing cardiometabolic disorder and protecting against type 2 diabetes. 

However it is important to distinguish the difference between chocolate that contains natural cocoa and processed chocolate.

It is the flavonoids in Cocoa beans that seem responsible for the various health benefits. These flavonoids act as antioxidants.


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