Best diets for weight loss

Best diets for weight loss plan

If you are looking for the best diets for weight loss, then you are at the right place.  We’ll tell you here how to focus on foods that help weight loss.

There are many factors that can contribute to your weight loss plan. And the most important factor above all is- the commitment to make healthy decisions every day, regardless of the fact what is happening in your life.

Many people today tend to think that it’s hard to lose their weight and turning out to be more inclined to cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes.

However, it can be easy when you get yourself  a healthy track.

The most effective approach or quick weight loss tips to accomplish a flat stomach is through a low-calorie diet and right form of exercises.  

In our busy life, we don’t get much time to save for exercise. In such circumstances a healthy, nutritious diet plan can unravel the purpose.

There are certain foods that can help you shed unwanted pounds and keep them off, foods which have lesser calories and that helps you feel full longer.

If you want to lose your weight in a hasty manner, then consider incorporating some of the following vegan diet weight loss plan.  They will help you to shave off your weight and stay fit

Best Vegan Diet Weight Loss Plan 

Green vegetables:  Various studies have shown that green vegetable is a great approach to lessen your weight. You can increase your meals without expending the calories.

Likewise, green vegetables are incredibly nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

A Healthy Green vegetables include Swiss Chards, Parsley, kale, Spinach, Collards, Broccoli and other green vegetables.

The high water and fiber content in these vegetables will not make you fat, you’ll feel full much sooner before you’ve  taken extra calories.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard for weight loss

This leafy green vegetable is loaded with healthy nutrition, consuming Swiss chard could help you boost your immune system, avoid iron inadequacy, and maintain your blood pressure under control.

When taken as a part of the balanced diet, it can help you lose the excess fat on your body as Swiss Chard contains low calories.

One Ounce of cooked and drained Swiss chard gives just 6 calories.  Swiss chard contains a decent amount of vitamin C which may indirectly advance weight reduction through its capacity invigorate the synthesis of carnitine, a compound that is connected to enhance fat burning.


Parsley for weight loss food

When you are trying to lose weight with a healthy diet plan, Parsley is a good choice to consider Best diets for weight loss.

This vegetable is extremely low in calories and rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B-9, vitamin C, vitamin K, and iron.

Besides weight loss, parsley also carries a numerous health advantages which include-improves digestion, diarrhea, reduce fatigue and It is also known that parsley has a good source of cancer-fighting antioxidant.

You can include, parsley on your meal, particularly where fish is included as you have parsley sauce on it.  You may also use fresh or dried parsley to make your tea.

For the best practice, take 30g of parsley per liter of water.  Take 3 times a day before meals.

Another simple way of using parsley is, wash your parsley and then pat it dry, you can leave it whole or chop it, boil some water and pour it over to your fresh or dried parsley, and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes, strain the parsley leaves and then drink it.


Kale for raw food diet plan

To get fit, you have to eat fewer calories than you expend, because eating foods with low calorie can help you get in shape quicker. They help you feel full before you have eaten an excess of a calorie. 

Be sure to include kale on your  healthy eating plan for weight loss.

Kale is magnificently a good source of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 calcium, potassium, manganese, and beta-carotene.


Spinach for eating plan

When it comes to the Best diets for weight loss, spinach is also one of the most important factors to consider.  Spinach is considered as a super food, it is a low-calorie food, loaded with healthy nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidant.

To enhance iron retention, eat your spinach with vitamin C-rich foods, for example, orange juice, tomatoes, and citrus fruit. This leafy green vegetable also helps to fight off osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and various types of cancer.

This leafy green vegetable also helps to fight off osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and various types of cancer.


Broccoli for losing weight

Since broccoli is low in calories and high in fiber it keeps you satisfied and controls the yearning for food. This high fiber food helps you eat less and smolder more fats.

Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and calcium. These nutrients can help to fight many ailments such as colon cancer, prevent heart disease, and reduce blood pressure.

However, you have to know that broccoli along will not make you slim, you can use broccoli as a substitute to different foods in your diet. For instance, add steamed broccoli to your soup rather than noodles.  

Most of the vitamins are lost when overcooked, so broccoli is best when eaten with steamed or raw.  You can include broccoli as a raw food diet for weight loss plan.

 Green Tea

green tea

Drinking Green Tea is one of the most effective ways to shed away your fat. It is stacked with antioxidant and various nutrition that are beneficial for your health.

In one particular study, it revealed that drinking four cups a day can help a person to shed away more than six pounds in eight weeks.

To add more flavor to your green tea, you can put lemon, ginger, cayenne spices and agave nectar, it will provide another nutritional benefit to you.

When you’re you drinking a quality green tea, you are actually getting a lot of advantages substances with strong natural impact.

One of the best ways of green tea that help to lose weight is by decreasing appetite.

Naturally, this would make us take lesser calories without much effort.

The best fruits for weight loss

Fresh fruit is an optimum choice for the Best diets for weight loss, as it is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, the carbohydrates in fresh fruit don’t have a huge effect on your blood glucose levels. 

Most of the fruit contains low glycemic load and supply a good amount of fiber to your diet.

Some of such foods are listed below-


An apple best food It is flawless that Apple is one the best fruit to help you get fit. The reason behind this is apples are rich in fiber and low in calories.

In 100 g serving size, it contains only 54 calories and a whole apple (225g) that’s only 122 calories.

Besides helping to lose your weight persistently, it also helps to cure bad breath, reduce cholesterol levels, slow down wrinkles on your skin, creating an anti-aging effect, and above all, it will give you a lovely youthful looking skin because apples contain a significant measure of polyphenols with antioxidants.

It is believed that the apple skin contains as much as 4 times the amount of polyphenol found in apple fruit.  So do not discard the skin, it’s actually good for you.

A Brazilian study found out that women who consume an apple before meals lost 33% or more than those women who didn’t eat them.


Blueberry for simple diet plan

Studies revealed that consuming blueberries could help you get thinner, As Blueberries is loaded with vitamin and antioxidants, it has the ability to trim excess fat from your belly.

Blueberries can also help you to improve blood sugar level and lower cholesterol.

“Blueberry intake affected genes related to fat-burning and storage”. Said a lead researcher Mitchell Seymour, The University’s Cardio Protection Research Laboratory

Furthermore, Blueberries are also rich in vitamins C, vitamin E and antioxidants like anthocyanins and phenolics. They help to ensure the body against degenerative infections.


Avocado as best diet plan

If you are on a diet, then you may want to consider Avocados to drop a few pounds. Avocados are an important food to lose weight.  

The 75% of the fat in Avocados is an unsaturated fat, enabling an incredible substitute for food high in saturated fat.

Studies show that monounsaturated fats such as Oleic acid found in avocados are much more likely to be used as slow-burning energy for your body than saturated fat.

These monounsaturated fats are also less likely to be stored as body fat.

Another particular study exposed that people with high cholesterol levels, who consume a diet high in avocados had serious declines of LDL cholesterol by 11%.

Peoples with high in cholesterol are a big risk to a heart disease. So this is good news for them. Avocados are likewise rich in vitamin E, which is good for the skin.


bananas from london

Bananas  are stacked with fiber, vitamin, and minerals, they likewise contain pectin, which leaves you feeling fuller for a more extended time.

This makes bananas perfect food for any weight loss program.  However, if you eat above normal apart from your consuming regular meal, then you can gain weight.

As a single banana has about 108 calories, which adds up to 17.5g of carbohydrates.

No doubt, our body needs carbohydrates for smooth body functioning, but the excess intakes of carbohydrates will gain your weight. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to the strict diet for weight loss.

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