Benefits Of Drinking Water For Overall Health

Benefits Of Drinking Water For Overall Health

As we know water is essential for life because human body consists of approximately 60 percent of water and the rest are flesh and bones.

So in order to keep a healthy and fit body running without any major problem, it is advised that an adult drinks at-least 2-3  litres of water a day that is like 8-9 glasses a day ( excluding beverages and other drinks as water is an active detoxifier, water basically rinse and clarifies the body).

An adult can be easily dehydrated especially in hot countries and for those doing manual labor. body fluids are lost in the form of sweats the symptoms of a dehydrated body are dry skin, dry lips, headache, weak body, dry mouth and the urine is not clear in color it’s reddish/yellowish

According to a recent research, about 74 percents of the adults are actually dehydrated and being dehydrated means that our body metabolism is slowed down which makes the body more vulnerable.    

And also many people  confused thirst for hunger and thus eating more instead of quenching the thirst and adding more calories to the body .there are numbers of health benefits from drinking water, some are listed below

Here Are Some Benefits of Drinking Water

Less likely to get sick:

A person who drinks water regularly is less likely to get sick than someone who don’t drink much water  as with the increase of fluids in the body  the chances of getting flu and other contagious diseases decrease significantly as its harder to attack a healthy host .as water flush out the toxins in a human body in the form of stools .All the organs need water to function properly and in good health drinking water also reduce swelling.

Lose weight:

Water has no calorie unlike most solid food and the beverages  so no matter how much you drink this don’t add any weight instead it helps in purifying our body  and it flushed out toxins and the by-product  of the fats break down  in a human body when a body is flushed out it’s more balance and it’s healthier overall.

The presence of Water in our body boosts the metabolism to burn the calories faster. this is one of the best strategies to use when one is on a diet.

Healthier skin:

The skin is the largest organ in our body .when human skin has properly hydrated the elasticity also increase and makes the skin naturally glow smooth and soft. Water helps replenish the skin tissues and it also acts as a  natural moisturizer without any artificial cream and lotion.

Relieves stress and Fatigue:

When human body doesn’t have enough water the heart needs to work harder to pump the oxygen to keep a human body running active so if there is not enough water in the body the organs are more stressed than it should be due to the extra work causing stress and fatigue so to be more productive  it is advised to drink lots of water before starting the daily chores be it office works or manual work.

Helps in digestion and constipation

Drinking plenty waters will help and improve the rate of digestion, increase metabolism and also helps in breaking down the food consumed thus reducing the chance of constipation significantly as the stools are softened by the presence of water in the bowl.


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