Are You Ready To Change The World

Are You Ready To Change The World

We live in a beautiful and a wonderful, yet a very poisonous world. You might be wondering why I’d use such a dangerous word.

It’s just a one-word answer, “POLLUTION” (the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects). Pollution is literally very poisonous.

Let’s all agree to this together… Now the question is both WHY & HOW??? Lots of questions will now rise up like…

 How do we control pollution?

Why do we continue polluting when we all know very well that it is very dangerous?

Whose fault is it anyway? How does it affect the people and the world?

Questions will never end anyhow…

First things first, we ought to know the types of pollution which we were taught since our high school days which are Water, Air, Soil or Land, Noise.

However, those are not all since we still have Thermal and Radioactive which are equally or more dangerous than the above four.

All these types of pollution are life threatening and immensely dangerous. Did you know that 5.5 million people worldwide are dying prematurely every year as a result of air pollution?

6-8 million people die annually from the water-related diseases, land-based pollution has threatened 22% of the Earth’s coral reefs, and thousands of people die every year due to a heart attack caused by noise pollution.

Thermal Pollutions are the reason behind the hotter earth and rise in water level caused by melting of polar ice caps, Radioactive Pollution causes cancer and mutative diseases.

Our country is not far behind in any of these happenings. We are careless, arrogant and what not? Education plays the biggest role here.

Young minds like us are aware of everything and yet we still care less about the smallest wrong deeds we do, like throwing wrappers or letting people throw anything right in front of you.

Spiritually, a natural disaster is an act of God but Scientifically?? A big “NO”… Everything is happening right in front of our eyes but we just Sit and Watch. People around the world have started working out on how to control pollution.

So, can we control it? “YES”. How? Start planting trees, stop throwing garbage wherever you like, use CNG, stop cutting trees and start recycling papers etc…

All these steps are simple but it can bring a huge impact in changing the world… OUR WORLD…!!!

Friends it is not difficult to change our world for better. Keeping in our mind,ABETTER TODAY FOR OUR BETTER TOMORROW

Be an example by keeping your surroundings clean. Let us not just get ourselves educated but we should always be ready to educate others too.

This way, they will be aware of the world they are living in right now.

I have pledged to live in a better, greener& a safer world. We are from the same planet, why not we start right now because “I WILL”… “WILL YOU”?


Are you Ready To Change The world is contributed by Mevie Paotei


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